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Find out the color of your aura according to the zodiac sign in which you were born:

Aries – Your aura could be red, just like your planet Mars. You carry a lot of active energy, strength, and passion (and sometimes anger).

Taurus – Your aura can be green because you love nature and are full of compassion and healing energy.

Gemini – Your aura is bright orange – you are a light and playful person passionate about your daily work.

Cancer – Your aura could be blue because you are an extraordinarily generous and emotional person who is very intuitive and likes to help others.

Leo – Your aura is as yellow as the sun. When you enter the space, you stand out and know how to cheer up everyone around you. You are full of optimistic energy.

Virgo – Your aura could be turquoise because you are calm, influential, organized, intellectual, down-to-earth, and self-sufficient.

Libra – Your aura is white because you are committed to peace, justice, and trust.

Scorpio – Your aura is indigo purple because you are mysterious and represent intense emotions, wisdom, sensitivity, and intuition.

Sagittarius – Your color could be yellow-red because you need liveliness and passion and are highly optimistic.

Capricorn – Your aura has brown shades because you are strongly connected to the earth, nature, and animals; you are stable.

Aquarius – Your aura is a combination of different colors because you are a creative soul with healing energy and full of ambition.

Pisces – Your aura is soft violet because you are a dreamer, enjoy the tenderness and have a visionary nature.

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