Find out who will knock you down with a kiss – who is the best kisser? One sign is the best though

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I knew she was special when I couldn’t kiss her nicely because she laughed too much.


An Aries kiss is energetic, solid, and impressive. Aries approaches, kissing enthusiastically, and he knows how to turn his partner on.

Taurus kisses slowly, sensually, but firmly. Before kissing, bulls like to caress or at least take their partner’s hand.


Geminis are changeable, and this also applies to their kiss. However, you will certainly not be disappointed because Geminis are true masters in love.

Cancers love to kiss, and very often, they are the ones who initiate the kiss. It will be nice, but it won’t leave you breathless.


This kiss will knock you off your feet. Just relax and surrender to passion and warmth. He knows how to do it! Read more here.


The kiss of a Virgo is perfect because it is sensitive and attentive. But again, on the other hand, he is not so passionate.

Libras like to please their partners but expect the same attention from the other side. Every kiss of this sign is unique, so pleasure is guaranteed.


Scorpios are passionate, and so are their kisses. They are a walking fire, and their kisses will set you on fire without a doubt.


They always want more than what they get or have. If you’re going to win them over, repeat the kisses all the time, everywhere. Because they are insatiable.


They kiss elegantly and refinedly. However, if you want to get a kiss from a member of this zodiac sign, you will need a lot of patience because they don’t just give out kisses.


They love sudden and unusual kisses. If you want to stimulate their desire for a kiss, you must pretend that you are not interested. They are attracted to the game of cat and mouse.


Pisces will only kiss you if you smell nice. Pisces kiss gently, sensitively, and carefully, and it’s up to you to reciprocate.


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