Fire signs – How they deal with boredom?

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  • aries man 1boringARIES The temperament and active Aries is addicted to action, the mere notion of being bored makes them nervous, and could even get them to a seriously aggravated state. They will look to find an instant solution, and the most important criteria is to keep themselves in constant movement. They will turn to any kind of physical activity, preferably a walk if nothing else is possible. Social activity can be a tool in coping with boredom, and they will be happy to organize any kind of a gathering, but they will choose their company very carefully, because they can be bored with people they consider difficult to be around.
  • The ARIES MAN breaks the chains of boredom by committing himself to team sports, where he can satisfy his need for activity and enjoy a good company. Having a drink with his team mates is also a good way to end a day.
  • The ARIES WOMAN will organize a speed walking or a jogging group. She will try to find people that share the same sentiment and commitment for running, and she will be very careful when it comes to team spirit, because one rotten apple is more than enough to ruin the whole idea.


  • Leo man dodatoboringLEO is not immune to boredom, but they have a suitable solution for it. They will enjoy their lazy time, laying around, taking a nap, sunbathing at the cafe terrace and they will keep on doing it until it turns to everyday monotony. The boredom starts to chew on them and then they rely upon their love partners to provide fun. And if they don’t have a partner, well, they will look for one.
  • The LEO MAN will convince himself that he is working too hard, and that he deserves a time off, doing nothing. And he will excel in that. The royal Leo will find his fool to make him laugh, and if that is not enough he will satisfy his ego by exercising a love conquest.
  • The LEO WOMAN cares about her cubs and she does not have time to get bored. Having to do nothing is a reward for her. It is never going to last long and she will make the most of it. She will rely upon her partner to lift her up when she needs it, and she will reward him for that.


  • rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgboring SAGITTARIUS is very active and allergic to being bored. The feeling of not being able to have fun will turn them into workaholics in order to fill their free time. They will take upon doing the most trivial things while planning some party or a trip in the back of their heads, which feeds them with strength and calms them down.
  • The SAGITTARIUS MAN is not someone to waste his time. He refuses to be useless and he will turn to hard work just to get his juices going. Having a bit of fun is a reward for his efforts, but first he will have to earn it. They will work overtime at the firm, take upon duties that no one would touch, and they will be driven by the knowledge that any sacrifice is better than being of no use to themselves or others. They will try to stay occupied until they fill that there is opportunity to enjoy themselves, and then, they will concentrate all their energy toward it.
  • The SAGITTARIUS WOMAN draws positive energy out of work and creative thinking and acting. She would not be defeated by boredom. If a better choice is not presented she will keep herself occupied with house work, office reorganization or plane redecoration. However unchallenging her obligations might be, she will use her capacity for multitasking to plan and prepare something that will pay off in the future. Whether it is a vacation, a birthday party or a business venture, she awards all her capabilities in making it happen.


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