Fire signs – weaknesses

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stopIf you want to avoid unpleasant situations with people around you, read following words. Learn all about the biggest weaknesses of  Fire signs. It will be very good to know what is that you must not do, if you don’t want to see fire  signs mad.

ARIES biggest weakness

rp_ariess1-292x3001-292x300.jpgThe Aries does not like being ordered around they just hate if you tell them how to do things. They will not continue the friendship with a person who tries to tell them how to do something. It is rare to find an Aries who likes his superior. They hate advices, even from their close ones. They get mad even when they know that adviser is absolutely right. One other thing to avoid with the Aries is that they do not like listening about their own faults.

LEO biggest weakness

rp_leo1-286x300.jpgLeo does not like orders. He is proud and he thinks that he knows everything the best. He is Leo- the king.They do not discuss their financial state aether. Remember, never engage in conversation about money with them. They dislike people that are showing off too, because Leo must be in the center of attention. And the saying never touch a sleeping lion is true, avoid waking them up if you do not want trouble.

SAGITTARIUS biggest weakness

rp_Sagittarius-3-300x3001-300x300.jpgSagittarius despises any kind of obligation. He hate word must. Remember never tell Sagittarius that he must do anything, especially if you are in a romantic relationship with Sagittarian. They often quit their job because of this negative trait. That is why they often have private business. They like doing things on their own terms and one should not try to force their way upon them. They are most comfortable when they are outdoors or in nature, and they don’t like silent indoors persons.



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