Five traits of every sign that will make you run away from them: Traits of zodiac signs that are disastrous for a relationship

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Five traits of every zodiac sign will make women want to run away regardless! A set of all five attributes is a nightmare for any relationship, so we sincerely hope your loved one does not have all the listed flaws. Find out below which sign will have a breakdown if you accidentally leave a dirty cup in the sink and which one will start flirting with all your friends.


Aries has the most impulsive nature! It would help if you worked on suppressing outbursts of anger. Dating in Aries means being in a relationship with immature and naive people, so sometimes you may feel like you’re dealing with a teenager instead of an adult and mature person. They like to engage in new things, but you can’t expect them to complete them to the end because, in the meantime, their attention will be distracted by something else. They need help with patience. They are very selfish and “narrow” in their views, so don’t be surprised if they don’t try to understand your perspective.


Tauruses are known for their stubbornness, so don’t expect ever to win an argument. They don’t give in. Good luck with the division of household chores; your Taurus will often park their bum on the couch and watch you clean the apartment. Their needs are always more important than yours. They could be more enjoyable. They have difficulty opening up emotionally, so you can’t expect them to share their worries with you.


Geminis are entirely unreliable people. Every day is a challenge because you never know which personality you will wake up with. They are sweet-tempered and promise a lot, but everything remains in words. They quickly get fed up with everything, so you will not be an exception. It means living in the graveyard of half-finished projects and ideas for twins.


Their mood swings are exhausting. Cancers are prone to insults but are not inclined to take responsibility for the consequences of what they say. They are pushy and independent. They might propose to you already on the second date. Life with Cancer can be pretty dull. Namely, you will need help persuading them to go to a new restaurant together or go on a trip to the unknown.


With your Leo, you will always feel secure in a relationship as they tend to flirt with anyone, anytime. They will never love you more than their reflection in the mirror. No Leo in history has ever admitted to being on the wrong side. Their arrogance is unpleasant. They must be in the center of anyone’s attention, so you will always be in the shadows with him.


They are prone to judgment and excessive criticism. Living with a Virgo means that you will always be the one to make the first move. They are fickle! They seem to have innate insecurity, which is not sexy at all. If you accidentally leave a dirty cup in the sink, you will not allow yourself to forget about that extremely reckless omission months after the “incident.”


You will never know what they think because Libras will only tell you what they think you want to hear. Making decisions takes hours. They can turn their back on you at any moment without any warning. They are vain and obsessed with physical beauty. They lack willpower, and sometimes they turn into real children.


Scorpio’s jealousy is widely known. You will never know his feelings because they tend to manipulate both their emotions and yours. They are ready to leave and hurt you like no one else. They are very deceitful and secretive. Minor quarrels will regularly turn into huge dramas.


Sagittarius are the worst listeners of the entire zodiac; they will always look down on you. Fun is the only thing on their mind 24/7, and if that doesn’t run out, you’ll be constantly whining and complaining. They know absolutely everything, so good luck trying to learn something new. They’re incredibly dominant and prone to control. They are often insensitive to other people’s feelings.


Their priority is work, and they will make it clear to you. Two words: control of everything! Everything they do, they do only for themselves, and they don’t care if they hurt you along the way. They like routine, so the relationship with him is dull. They are closed behind their walls; we wish you luck breaking through them!


Aquarians live life inside their heads, so they often seem absent. They always know best, so a relationship with them can seem like frequent visits to instructions. You rarely go on dates with him alone because he loves his company more than anything. Judge. You will always know what they think but only sometimes what they feel.


Pisces need a lot of space. You can’t persuade them to do anything; even if you succeed, it will take them forever to finish what they started. They rarely know what they want out of life. Pisces will sacrifice their needs and emotions for the relationship to work. Be as high-quality as possible, but they will resent you later. They idealize each of their relationships and expect you to fulfill their fantasies about the perfect partner.

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