Food types and Air signs

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rp_food-2-300x2251-300x225.jpgrp_air-300x2251-300x2251-300x225.jpgYou will be surprised to find out that your sign infects on the food you eat. Read following words to find out what to cook for your dear Air signs. Or if you are a Air sign, you will be surprised to find out that you favorite food is not just your choice.

  • blizanciGEMINI
  • They are constantly on the move and small bites are most agreeable for them, pastry and seeds, different fruit and vegetables will do just fine. They are of good built and they rarely over eat. Fish and all light food are what they consider a good meal. Meals with aromatic spices will open their appetite up. The Gemini love variations in their recipes, and they make it to be colorful as well, it will feed their body and soul, which is the most important for them.
  • The Gemini should stay away from the grains and the strong coffee; it doesn’t suit them at all. To avoid frequent overeating, try to eat regularly with your friends and family.
  • rp_libra1-294x300.jpgLIBRA
  • They enjoy the look and the esthetic of the food. They have a talent for cooking and decoration. Their dining table is full of demanding dishes, such as chicken, game and fish, all decorated with colorful vegetables. They are not choosy when it comes to their food. Although they care about their looks more than any other Zodiac sign they are capable of committing a sin and to eat more than recommendable, which sands them into often dieting. They cannot resist a desert, especially chocolate.
  • The Libra should eat a substantial breakfast because they need more energy during the day. They are satisfied with smaller portions on every following meal.
  • rp_air-aquarius-300x291.jpgAQUARIUS
  • The Aquarius dares to try out any kind of experiment with food; their nature makes them take different paths. They love unusual sandwiches and desserts. They love mixed tastes, sweet-sour-salty. They love any kind of pasta, made with unusual sauces which they love to create by themselves and according to their own taste. They love lemon based dishes and hot pastry.
  • The Aquarius should learn to stop eating when they feel full, or they will have big problems with weight otherwise.

Originally posted 2020-03-06 21:56:24.

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