Food types and Earth signs

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rp_food-2-300x2251-300x225.jpgrp_air-300x2251-300x2251-300x225.jpgYou will be surprised to find out that your sign infects on the food you eat. Read following words to find out what to cook for your dear Earth signs. Or if you are a Earth sign, you will be surprised to find out that you favorite food is not just your choice.

  • taurusTAURUS
  • The important thing is to always keep the fridge full. The Taurus is the greatest gourmet among the Zodiac signs. Their menu consists of dishes with a lot of fat, juicy sauces, cheeses, sweets, and vine, which is a fruitful ground for gaining weight. They love creative recipes and expensive meals; their food is the joy of their life. They require a lot of workout since they absorb a lot of calories. It is recommendable to drink mineral water and to try a diet now and then.
  • The Taurus is usually hungry in the evenings, and they should eat a substantial dinner. Not everything will satisfy them for dinner, they should dine a meal with a lot of meat and vegetables.
  • rp_devica1-300x279.jpgVIRGO
  • The Virgo’s menu is a variety of colorful and healthy food. Green and red vegetable is a must, seasoned with herb spices and olive oil. Their lunch always includes soups, preferably homemade, and white meat, simply made, with refreshing gravy. They prefer Mediterranean dinner, pasta and noodles are a seldom choice, as long as there are a lot of colors on the plate to lift up the spirit before going out.
  • It is crucial for Virgos to decrease the use of bread and heavy food (fat and over spiced dishes). They should chew their food more, as well.
  • rp_jarac-capricorn1-292x300.jpgCAPRICORN
  • They are traditional persons, they love anything made by an old recipe, they are great gourmets. The soup is mandatory before the main dish; the meat should be well done, served with potatoes or rise with salads. They keep up to the protocol of serving food. Food rich with calcium is suitable for them, which of course includes milk and Derry products. Spices should be tested and checked. They also love good vines and they are recognized as ethnologists.
  • The Capricorns love to cook and experiment. There might not always be time for that so they always have something in the fridge that is easily prepared, tuna for example.


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