Food types and Fire signs

food 2rp_fire1-206x3001-206x3001-206x3001-206x300.pngYou will be surprised to find out that Zodiac infects on the food you eat. Read following words and find out what to cook  for your dear Fire signs. Or if you are a Fire sign, you will be surprised to find out that you favorite food is not just your choice.

  • ariessARIES
  • The Aries is under the rule of Mars which makes them crave for anything red; red meat, tomatoes, water melons, various heavy red sauces. They don’t have the problem with greens, as long as there is meat rolled inside. They don’t experience metabolism problems because they are constantly on the move. They do not complicate the serving of the dishes; a large stake with gravy on the side is more than enough.
  • The Aries conserve a lot of meat in their body and they need to cut down on the meat, and to introduce more vegetables, apples and fish in their menus.
  • The female Aries should eat smaller portions of food, but more often, no matter of their daily agenda. They get aggravated and mad quite easily when they are hungry and that is a luxury they cannot simply afford.
  • rp_leo1-286x300.jpgLEO
  • They see themselves as kings, and they require a royal menu, a seat at the top of the table and a company to share their food with. They love roasted colorful and fine dishes that go along strong vines. Various fruit always has its place on the table. They love creamy cookies and cakes. In order to decrease the use of meat they require a lot of various salads.
  • Leo cannot imagine a life without a delicious sandwich. It is best to make a sandwich with meat that is easily digested (chicken or turkey) and vegetables.
  • sagittariusssSAGITTARIUS
  • Food rich with proteins is suitable for them, along with natural food they can pick for themselves, which agrees with their outdoor spirit and sport preferences. Their adventurist spirit does not hesitate when it comes to trying out dishes of old cultures, such as Mexican, Chinese and Indian. They love pasta with unusual spices and dishes with a lot of vegetables rich with minerals. They will never refuse a desert after a good meal.
  • The Sagittarius should avoid unhealthy food. They should also try to keep the good mood to avoid eating too much.

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