Food types and Water signs

rp_food-2-150x150.jpgrp_water-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.jpgYou will be surprised to find out that your sign infects on the food you eat. Read following words to find out what to cook  for your dear Water signs. Or if you are a Water sign, you will be surprised to find out that you favorite food is not just your choice.

  • cancerCANCER
  • The most important items on their menus are fish, meat and a hot soup. They adore domestic , home made dishes because they nurture their tradition, especially if it generates from their mother’s cuisine. They are strongly connected with their family and they collect old recipes which they are more than willing to share. They love all dishes that smell like their childhood. They are most comfortable with dishes that require a spoon, because of their need for water.
  • The Cancer can easily put on some weight, even if they are being careful about the amount of calories they ingest. They should eat only when they are perfectly calm; otherwise they make a connection between their food and emotions.
  • scorpio1SCORPIO
  • The Scorpio is not afraid to experiment with food. Their food needs to simply be as different as their personalities are, it should be prepared with imagination and it should be eccentric in the way it looks and tastes. They can eat meat prepared in different ways. The food should be seasoned with piquant spices and carefully decorated. They avoid fat and love milk and fruit. They adore pizza, pancakes and they like to combine ingredients.
  • The Scorpio does not have problems with nourishment, but they should stay away from alcohol. Larger amounts of water are recommendable.
  • rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgPISCES
  • They are very imaginative when it comes to combining more types of dishes. They love Mediterranean cuisine, sea food, and the unavoidable olive oil. They love having frequent smaller meals, minimalism makes them happy. They love side dishes and apple and pineapple compotes.
  • The Pisces have a very sensitive digestive system which does not tolerate too greasy or bitter food. They should avoid fried bacon, sour and hot food.

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