Fourth House Characteristics:

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Fourth House

Fourth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Home
Latin Motto: Genitor – Parent
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Sign: Cancer
Ruling Planet: Moon
Keywords: Ancestry, Heritage, Roots.

The Fourth House is redundantly called the House of Home, and in this context, home takes on a very specific meaning. It means a place where we have roots or a place of refuge. It’s the place where we plant ourselves firmly upon the Earth. To put this idea into perspective, let’s remember that one day, our bodies will return to the Earth, so in a sense, the Fourth House is all about bringing things full circle by bringing the inevitably of old age and final resting places at the forefront of our thoughts.

Most of the emphasis behind the Fourth House however, is on the concept of home. By establishing roots, we also establish a home for the self. What this basically means is that a home is not just an external structure of bricks and mortar, it also has essential aspect. This aspect is the emotion that we feel when we enter a place where we feel at ease, and where we can say “I’m home.”

The very act of saying that you’re home has unique implications. It means that you’re now at peace, grounded and in a state of relaxation. In this sense, all human beings possess the physical as well as emotional desire to come home. By creating a home, we establish for ourselves a sacred sanctuary during our most distressing moments.

It is in the home that we integrate the self with its experiences, thus shaping our own senses more fully. This is done by creating a domestic space where we feel safe, where we have direct access to our family and culture, and where we are comfortable with our ways of being. The Fourth House, therefore, is not just about home, it’s also about ancestry and heritage.

The Fourth House is aligned with Cancer and the Moon.

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