Front door from the outside – the energy flow point

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Proper solution for front door from the outside. Masters of Feng shui gives you 4 basik rules that will ensure the energy flow in your home. Your front door is point of attraction for the energy.

sunIf you want energy to pass through the door, it should be collected first. Chi accumulates properly if the area outside of the front doors is spacious, bright and open. Be Careful when building a porch or canopy because it can block and disrupt the natural flow of energy.

mountinView of the mountain range or other prominent natural relief shape supports streaming of positive chi.

fenceThe fence must not be too high or too intrusive, but semipermeable, almost transparent to allow the unhindered passage of chi.

poolSwimming pool, lake and other forms of water in suspension, as well as various fountains are welcome Elements because it focuses chi. The problem occurs when the water surface is too large in relation to the building since then the dam energy flow.


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