The full wallet ritual

knjiga magieIf being broke is bothering you, this ritual might bring changes into your life. In the night of a young moon, smear a candle with a pine oil. Put  nutmeg powder and cinnamon  in a bowl, stir with a silver spoon and focus your thought on your welfare.

money ritualThe person should think about the amount of money they’ wish to have. While thinking about it, they toss three coins until they get a combination of two heads and a tale. Then put it in a bowl, roll them into the mixed powder, take them out and roll in the aluminum foil that is put in one’s wallet.

While doing that one should chant the following: “The magic powder brings me luck, because I have everything I need. Money comes to me easily and I spend it with pleasure. The money should not come through death or a someone’s misery but through joy and happiness, for the good of all. So be it”.

This amulet can also be held in a drawer with bank statements or similar financial documents.

Originally posted 2019-12-16 19:48:49.


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