Gemini – Apologizing by zodiac signs

rp_sorry-300x201.pngGEMINI – The Gemini will not admit that any fault could come out from the perfect persons they are. Carefully asses if that is true or not, before getting into an argument that you would probably loose.

Gemini woman
rp_gemini-woman-241x300.jpgYou must be utterly confused when you expect an apology from Her, the one that is just making your life easier? She has already created the joint vacation payment plan, took the car to the shop, acquired the international driving license, bought the entire reserves of canned food, pastry and juices for the road, got the tourist guides, maps countries and cities you are about to visit. ..And yet, you are angry because she has not asked for your opinion. Don’t worry, she will apologize as soon you get on the freeway, and you will forgive her as soon as you realize that her choice of the destination is, as usual – a fantastic one!

Gemini man
GEMINI man 1The male Gemini are the masters of verbal tolerance, such masters that many men should learn the art of apologizing from. He will kneel before you with such elegance and charm (if need be), cross his palms and beg for forgiveness. After he blew it by not coming where and when he should have, he always finds his way out, without giving you a shred of doubt in his words. Never mind the casual small talk to change the subject and interest you in a picnic or a lunch in an Italian restaurant, after which you will be wondering if you have even been mad at the male Gemini.


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