Gemini as Ascendant – influence on zodiac sign

rp_gemini-3-287x3001-287x300.jpgThe ascendant  primary explains the characteristics of persons sign. If you want to interpret ate the horoscope the right way, you have to know characteristics of  Ascendant. It discovers your character. It is possible to provide the first psychological portrait of the you, even without knowing the sign itself, while the other way around is not possible. That is why all the horoscopes that can be read in the press are inconsistent.

teloPhysical appearance: firm but gentle figure, quick energetic pace. They have  long arms and fingers and even a long face. They have a gentle face structure, thin nose, sanguine and pale tan. Their eyes are light or light-grey. They have a  dark hair, mostly brown.

brainMental abilities: Quick learners, love reading and writing, generally with excellent education and eloquent. They are lively, inventive, inclined toward music, painting, drawing, languages, games, dancing, travels and explorations. Sometimes they might be shy, but also nervous and tireless.
Mercury rules over the Gemini ascendant no matter the sign they are born in.

rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpgThe Gemini ascendant offers ambition, peculiarity, love for exploration and experiments, and active spirit that urges them to get involved with more than one thing at the same time. That is why they display enhanced interest for adventures, parties, sex and learning. They are inventive and dynamic, and they become impatient and nervous when they find themselves in situations running out of time. Most suitable professions for them involve engaging hands and intellect, so teaching and literature would make good choices. The ideal partner is Sagittarius, sign or ascendant.

They are seldom shy, but always nervous and tireless. They are very adaptive, very eloquent and communicative, with a curious, inventive spirit, and constant urge for learning, especially in those areas where they might benefit at. They are fun and optimistic; they love novelties, and usually have a couple of hobbies. Gemini are often inconsistent in their behavior, but they have a youthful look and spirit, which they tend to keep in the latter years.

rp_good-bad-4-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x2121-300x212.jpgThe ascendant makes them avoid emotional connections, affection is a word used in many ways, especially because they are liable to having love affairs. They are socially very accepted, due to their entertaining spirit and casual behavior. Failures in love fields do not especially disturb them; they always have a contingency plan, even an emotional one.
Apart from the Sagittarius they make good couples with Libra and Aries.
If you are after a Gemini, be prepared, contemporary, unpredictable and available.

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