Gemini – decans influence on personlality

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rp_gemini-3-287x3001-287x300-287x300.jpgAstrology readings based on decans of the Sun Signs are one step ahead in personalization. For here each Sun Sign is divided into three 10-days slots, each of which is a decan. Read and learn which decan you belong to, and how does it shape your personality.

First decan: Born between May 22 and May 31

  • mercury planetFor a Gemini born between 22nd May and 31st May The planetary ruler is Mercury. They are by nature sociable and reliable. People can benefit from their ideas. Most suitable career for them is in a creative field like graphic designing, creative writing, and website designing. They are humanitarians at heart and they like to work for social causes. They have a brilliant intelligence and have an amazing ability to communicate efficiently. They typically are inclined to get into conflict between their own mind and heart, and often they don’t know which voice to listen. They are very popular in their social circles, and they have a good number of friends.
  • They are a fearless pioneer and strive always to come first in all their endeavors. Second place is not in their vocabulary. They have very strong self motivation and combined with your natural leadership skills can make it to the top in any profession. The first Decan personality is characterized by energy, enthusiasm and passion and they apply these to all aspects of their life.
  • They are assertive and aggressive they have a dominant nature which ensures that they get what they want from life. Physically are strong and have the energy to drive them hard to reach the high goals. They are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves. The main flaws in this first Decan Gemini personality are impatience and impulsiveness. They demand things immediately and fast and do tend to jump into situations without thinking things through properly. That is something that that need to control.

Second decan: Born between June 1 and June 10

  • venusFor a Gemini born between 1st June and 10th June the planetary ruler is Venus. They are objective regarding most things, and will try to get to the root of the matters before judging. They love to make other people happy, and even enjoy it. Those born under this influence are charismatic, creative, and charming. They have well developed communication skills, and they easily attain any goal they set their vision at. They have an ability to attract many people to them, plus, they are equally good in one-to-one situations. On the downside though, these people usually have confused thoughts.
  • The second Decan Gemini personality is characterized by charm, charisma and creativity. Their natural charm and charisma can get them anything they set their mind to and they can create great success in any number of career paths. They have very good communication skills and have a high degree of creativity so they can become a highly successful creative writer, actor or entertainer. Any career that combines charm, natural charisma and brilliant communication skills, is great for them.
  • They are very attractive to many and enjoys in social situations. People born under this influence are the perfect host when throwing parties and can instantly make people feel comfortable at home or in their company. They are very good with crowds but equally good in one to one situations. Their only fault maybe their scattered thoughts, they can be extremely focused sometimes and ridiculously scatter brained at others.

Third decan: Born between June 11 and June 21

  • сатурнuranFor a Gemini-born between 11th June and 21st June the planetary rulers are both Saturn and Uranus. They have a certain type of vigor, something that allows them to stand against all onslaughts. They are quite creative, innovative and original in their plan of attack. They are flexible and very optimistic, and possess an unconventional outlook, and they are brilliant thinkers. Most of them also have the qualities of a natural leader. People are attracted to their natural charm. They love their freedom, viewing each day as a new adventure. That’s the reason why they cannot be tied down to one particular place. As their attention gets diluted towards a lot of pursuits, they can easily become distracted.
  • The third Decan personality is characterized by originality, flexibility and optimism. Their unconventional and brilliant mind allows them to have some very original beliefs and ideas. They are anything but ordinary. They are a natural leader and because they exude charm people will want to follow them.
  • They have a very optimistic and positive outlook and view each new day as an exciting adventure. They love freedom and like the adventure of exploring new things situations. They can never be tied down. They are very flexible in thinking and are very open to new ideas. They can easily become distracted and have too many interests which dilutes their attention. They can flit from one project, leaving it unfinished and move on to the next and the next, until nothing is seen completed.


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