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rp_good-bad-4-300x212.jpgIf you want to understand Gemini in your area or to get to know yourself, read the following words carefully

GEMINI man 1Positive traits of Gemini
Geminis are very intelligent, quick thinking and are very curious. They are really immanent and their interests are very broad and diverse. They love to learn, and analyze. They like to use their intellect, especially when they have an audience. In any case, they have not a single thinking about one thing . They at the same time think of a few ways about the same thing. They make quick decisions. They can adapt to all situations and people. Gemini rarely doubt themselves. They are confident in their talents and in ability to think. They are the most satisfied when people admire theit mind. They have imagination, always have enough new ideas. They are talkers , fashionable, and stay abreast with the times. That is why they look youthful. They love literature and art, and they are very creative. As a person are often very charming, eloquent. They are therefore very likable to people, their attitude towards life is “Easy”, they have a great sense of humor. Their mind is their engine. They are talented and many-sided and show different abilities. So you need to know that Gemini is:
They are broad-minded and easy-going . The Gemini is adjustable individual as the desire to enjoy every moment run deep within Gemini.

A wide variety of subjects excites them. The Gemini will try their hands at diverse things. Surely, they won’t get stuck in any mundane tasks.

Gemini is very enthusiastic and full of life, and always crave for accomplishing new things and interasting things. They are afraid of being bored..

Geminis are blessed with brilliant communication skills. They are great sellers, they can sell just about anything to anyone with their outstanding verbal skills. They are great writers too.

Geminis are witty and can effortlessly impress you with their wit and humor. People are never bored in their company. Besides, they are spontaneous and have natural charm. A Gemini can easily keep you entertained and involved for hours.

Gemini are intellectuals, always interested in learning many subjects. They are clever individuals and they will not shy away from voicing their opinions.

GEMINI man 1Negative traits of Gemini
They often start many jobs at once, and in the end they get anything done. Sometimes it is very difficult to concentrate to them. They can be very superficial. They are often terribly bored, because of their excessive desire to be constantly entertained. They do not keep their promises, and sometimes they are are irresponsible. Although they seems like experts in many topics, they are often often superficial. Because of their eloquence, they make a good impression at first glance. They think only of themselves and to their own satisfaction. So you need to know that Gemini is also :
badLack of Consistency
Gemini are so sharp and prompt that it is hard for them to stay focused in the projects they start with. Such inconsistency is their main drawback..

They are often superficial people because of their inability to delve deep and pay attention to details.

badLack decision making ability
Gemini are constantly in two minds whenever they are supposed to decide on something. They lose out on very lucrative opportunities in their life due to their inability to decide.

badLack of direction
Gemini often lack the direction and focus in life. They easily get bored with the things that they are doing.

Gemini-born are full of energy, but have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. That is why they are anxiousness and erratic.

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