It’s all about you, Gemini. According to the yearly horoscope 2020 , yo will have at least four luxurious months while Venus spends in your sign this year!







Couples- It will seem that you’ve lost the spark that started everything at the years’ start, love issues will go in any direction but smooth. There will be unfounded doubt and jealousy, but not to worry, that will end and there won’t be a breakup. In the spring, Venus will enter Gemini on the 4th of April. Your partner will reveal a problem to you. You will offer unconditional support. That temptation will make you stronger and you’ll be closer than ever.

Jupiter becomes retrograde from the 15th of May. Family members will get involved in your life at that point. Take the advice they offer you. The coming of summer offers substantial tranquility, tenderness and a joint voyage.

Jupiter turns direct on the 13th of September. This fall will be great. You will finally spice things up with your partner with some novelties you always wanted to try. You will once again feel the faith in love and miracles.

Harmony will last entering winter come. Jupiter enters the fixed nature of Aquarius from the 20th of December and you will have many substantial and intimate relationships by the years’ end. You will observe the existing relationship taking a whole new level. You will be full of confidence and gratitude.

Singles You will be very curious at the beginning of the year. Saturn in Capricorn brings change and adventure, free love and perhaps superficial relationships with multiple partners. It may happen that you can not decide whether someone is just a friend or has a desire for you.

The spring will make you not to disperse your energy any more. You will have many intimate relationships and one in particular will become serious and grow to a higher level. Spring and summer bring elation and the return of love.

Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn on the 29th of September. Your partner will show characteristics that will not agree with you in any way. You will feel slightly sad. There will be ups and downs, but you will still get to the winter as a couple. Mars turns direct on the 14th of November. That implies open discussions with harsh words exchanged but you will both come out as winners. Both of you want to discard bad habits and convictions for the sake of love.

Work – Gemini will have problems to pay their debts. Close friends will help as much as it is in their power which will give you a sense of security. You will solve most of the money problems by the end of the year and take the previous events as a lesson.




Health – Gemini will be often moody in 2020 and they will be very sensitive. That will make have a talk with someone who understands you and practice relaxation exercises. Strength and vitality will return at the middle of the year. You will also be forced to remove some ingredients from your diet.

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