Cosmic Turbulence Ahead: A Powerful Energetic Cleansing Until November’s End

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Energetic Cleansing is very intense so just pay more attention to what is happening inside of you. The three biggest astrological “evildoers” were found to have a negative aspect. And only two would be enough for unfavorable events, and all three can bring great difficulties and obstacles.


The worst aspect is on the way

Mars in a square with Saturn is considered the worst aspect. It is worse than retrograde Mercury, and Mercury, although not now retrograde, also flies here. It brings Energetic Cleansing: dissatisfaction, stagnation, reduced vitality, antagonism, harshness, and weakness. Also, it could bring submissiveness, illness, injuries, mental and emotional pain, sadness, and injuries. Nothing nice.

The situation is the same with Mars in opposition to Uranus, which is abrupt and explosive. It brings restlessness, nervousness, breaks (mental and physical), earthquakes, sudden interruptions, quarrels, violence, intolerance, brutality, fire, explosions, and electric shocks.

This applies mainly to those areas of life where someone is transiting in their natal chart. So, for some, it will affect money. Also, for some, it will involve work; for some, it will affect relationships or relationships with others. How challenging or good aspects relate to someone depends mainly on their birth chart. But in the general climate, there is something negative in the air. Energetic Cleansing is coming.

Of course, there are not only these planets but also others – so, for example, Venus from Libra will soften this effect a little. What can also be done are the so-called astrological remedies – remedy. In Indian astrology, they are an integral part of astrology. They are not so common in the West, but something should be done about it. Realistically, what benefit does an individual get from astrology if an astrologer tells him he is facing a problematic planetary situation and does not give him a “recipe” to overcome it? Magic is always needed.

Use candles for help during these Energetic Cleansing

One of the simple and effective remedies is a candle. So we can light a red candle for Mars on Tuesday, to connect with his energy and channel it in a creative direction. We beat those who attack us because Mars is a warrior. (And no, karma will not return because we live on a planet with an archetype of warfare; only it must be brave and honorable).

The enemy can also be inside us. It can be in the form of some negative emotion that we carry. Also, it can be an event that we keep coming back to. Or an obsession with someone we cannot get rid of. Those who do not fight can channel this energy into sports or physical activities. But do not overdo it, because injuries are possible.

Given that we have entered the energy of the dark moon in Scorpio, we can cut off what we want in a very short time. The technique is simple – let’s imagine holding a sword or a spear in our hand and piercing what we no longer want. Or we write on paper and burn it.

After that, we connect with our soul. That is the pure part of us that is not concerned with all these ego games and patterns. Without shadows or an unhealed inner child screaming, it would be easy to act constantly from a pure soul and never fall into bad energies.

However, realistically speaking, there are also our inner shadows; we have to have fun with them hea, heal them, and remove negative patterns. Such periods are ideal for this work. Likewise, let’s not forget that we live on Earth. So, no matter how much we try to be clean and keep the world around us in a high vibration, it does not mean that others around us are benevolent and that there are no terrible events. Energetic Cleansing is very intense so just pay more attention to what is happening inside of you.

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