Great Gifts for the Psychic in your Life

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Great Gifts for the Psychic in your Life

As Christmas creeps ever closer, it’s time to rack your brain for gift ideas. Some people are notoriously hard to buy for, of course, but if you’re looking for unusual and inventive gift ideas for the psychic in your life, here are some thoughts to get you started.

Paranormal Investigation Experience

Pick a castle, stately home, manor house or other historic building of your choice, and there’s a fair chance these days that they will offer paranormal investigation experiences at various points during the year. A quick Google will also bring up dozens of companies who specialise in organising these events up and down the country. Anyone with an interest in paranormal phenomena or the psychic arts is sure to love the opportunity to spend some time poking around a haunted house looking for evidence of spirit activity. At the budget end of the scale, many small, local paranormal investigation groups allow members of the public to attend some of their investigations, usually for around a cost of around £10-£15 for a few hours. At the other end of the scale, an overnight investigation in a well known location hosted by a well known medium is likely to set you back around £80, rising to £150 or so if you add in accommodation and breakfast.

Tour Tickets for Two

Many famous and not-quite-so-famous mediums tour the UK each year. The biggest names will go to the biggest venues, but lesser known mediums also do local tours sometimes, at more intimate venues where you statistically stand more chance of receiving a message. Two tickets to a medium’s show would make a lovely surprise gift for anyone interested in spiritualism; tickets for well known names average around £15-£18 each.

A Private Sitting/Reading

As a gift, this has a double value – not only is it of great interest to anyone who loves all things psychic, but your gift recipient may also be able to find some real peace of mind, answers to questions or a renewed life direction from a good private sitting. Do your homework and research local mediums thoroughly before choosing one – it’s often a good idea to ask local spiritualist churches for recommendations and then check out what others have said about the medium’s style of working/standard of evidence given. If your recipient is more into tarot cards or angels than spiritualism as such, buy a private tarot reading or angel card session instead. Of course, your recipient doesn’t have to visit the reader in person – if there’s someone offering online readings who really catches you eye, book a session with him or her online instead. Average prices for private sittings/readings vary greatly around the country. Where I live, a typical price would be £30 for a one hour sitting, but this will be considerably more in some parts of the UK.

Spiritual Development Course

If your gift recipient is truly interested in developing their own psychic or mediumistic talents, and you have plenty of money to spend, you can’t beat the surprise of sending them off on a residential course to work on developing their gifts. Various well known institutions and foundations organise courses in the UK. The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted is the most famous of these, with week long courses running throughout the year, catering to everyone from beginners taking their first steps to fully fledged working mediums wanting to hone their skills. They also have a satellite college in Stafford, but AFC courses are not remotely cheap, and will set you back over £400 for a week. Not as well known but offering great value for money are the Gordon Higginson Fellowship and the Lynwood Fellowship. The GHF offers weekend courses in Kent, priced at around £120 not including accommodation; the Lynwood offers week long residential seminars near Scarborough. Both of these institutions have excellent instructors and a wide network of happy students. Alternatively, there are smaller spiritual centres dotted around the country offering courses on a more adhoc basis – an example being the Hafan y Coed centre in Wales.

Psychic Development Tools

A very affordable  option is to buy your recipient a tool of some kind to work with. Depending on their interests and existing level of development, this could be a pack of tarot cards, a set of runes or even a crystal ball, all of which are readily available from many online retailers for under £20. An interesting and unusual alternative would be to buy an angel board/talking board/spirit board. These work along similar lines to a ouija board, but minus the paranoia and scary bits – typically these boards are bright and colourful, full of positive imagery, symbols and words, and are designed for as few as two people to use together when seeking life guidance or angelic intervention.

Home Made Options

At the budget end of the scale, or as a delightful stocking filler, why not make your recipient a home made set of zener cards to play with? If you are particularly talented and creative and have a lot of time to spare, you could even create a very special home made tarot deck for your friend or loved one, using imagery which is significant to them. Probably too late to start on that one now, but an idea for next year, perhaps? Meanwhile, pebbles or thinly sliced wood rounds can be turned into beautiful hand crafted runes, as can tumbled gemstones. A set of coloured beeswax candles would make a lovely gift when combined with a nicely printed out set of instructions for candle magic or candle divination. Use your imagination – a hand made psychic related gift can be hugely meaningful for your recipient, and will also be powerful when used, infused with your love and good intentions.


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