How to choose jewelry for Air signs


rp_air-300x2251-300x2251-300x225.jpgzodiac jewrlryAs well as every zodiac sign unravels our behavior , the symbol of every sign in a combination with a certain stone or metal may have a positive or negative influence to the one who wears it, as well to the people we let in our lives. When one makes, or is having jewelry with his sign made, they should pay attention that the stone, precious and semi-precious stones, or the metal we compose into the jewelry is suitable for one’s sign and is compatible with it. Every one of the 12 zodiac signs has its healing crystal, precious and semi-precious, while magic powers are afforded to jewelry. Every sign has its mineral and color, it is up to you if you would abide according to those preferences or just to care if your piece of jewelry only has the elements you like, no matter what they stand for.

rp_gemini-3-287x3001-287x300.jpgThe Gemini are sociable, curious, lively, imaginative, creative and mild. Amber offers calmness whichamber stone the Gemini require while they search for something new, it arms them with faith in themselves and makes them less unstable.
Citrine stone makes solving emotional problems and hardships a lot easier, it widens the spectrum of the Gemini’s feelings. Other compatible minerals are beryl, yellow carnelian, and golden topaz.

rp_Libra-2-237x3001.jpgLibra has a lot of expectations from others and from herself. She demands justice, clarity and harmony. She approaches every obstacle with optimism, she compromises very easy. The grey quartz helps the GRAY quartsLibra to actively approach new challenges and to solve problems with maximal concentration. Grey quartz makes the Libra balanced and it strengthens their self-confidence Jade offers vitality, health and inner harmony.
Other compatible minerals are aquamarine, tianite, pink quartz, star sapphire and blue tourmaline.

rp_air-aquarius-300x291.jpgThe Aquarius is unblessed, they love freedom, they are open and unselfish persons, they love anythingтиркиз new, they always have a lot of ideas and plans, and people love them for being such good friends, Turquoise slows down hastiness of the Aquarius while they search for new challenges and it puts them back in reality. Besides, turquoise decreases apparent apathy of the Aquarius towards their partners.
Aquamarine brings the Aquarius to the inner harmony and gives them the feeling of freedom and of limitless possibilities. Other compatible minerals are jade, amazonite, fluorite, and malachite.

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