Influence of retrograde Mercury until September 15 – misunderstandings, unexpected meetings, confusion

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Vague, foggy thoughts often occur during this period. It is more difficult for us to make rational decisions, and misinterpretations arise more frequently. Be careful and understand that you cannot read other people’s minds – someone may think entirely differently.

Strange events
There is an unusual atmosphere in the air, which also affects relationships. Inexplicable tensions or unpleasant situations are possible. Maybe, for example, your ex-partner calls you again out of the blue, or you dream about him at night. It is usually about relationships in which something has remained unresolved.

The need for solitude
During retrograde Mercury, we often want to spend more time alone. As a result, we are less interested in social events, celebrations, and meetings. All is well. If you force socializing, you will feel bad and uncomfortable.

Communication problems
As mentioned, during Mercury retrograde, it is typical to be too quick to think wrongly and interpret yourself. This is precisely why many problems and conflicts arise. Be careful and express yourself as clearly as possible – when talking to others, ask questions, and do not create your own stories.

The period is characterized by delay. You may miss deadlines at work or be late for a meeting, which will anger the other person. But the other person can be late and derail you.

Superficial connections
If you meet a new person at this time, it is more likely that your relationship will remain superficial and not turn into a serious relationship. Even if you stay in touch with your ex during this period, there is less chance of starting a relationship again.

Difficulty in making decisions
You may need help making important decisions. Even if you decide to do something, chances are you will change your mind or even regret the decision. It is best to avoid making important decisions in this period, even in relationships.

In this period, we are more distracted and forgetful. You may forget your phone and can’t say you’re late for a meeting or fail to reply to a message. This distraction can lead to many misunderstandings and conflicts.

Being gentle with yourself and others during this particular time is important. Be open-minded and listen to others. Try to understand other points of view and ask questions if you don’t understand something. But listen to yourself, too; give yourself extra attention and love during Mercury retrograde.


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