Iris amulet for inciting telepathy and healing the aura

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Iris amulet

Legends and ancient writings about the Iris

knjiga magieMany legends are talking about the iris. One of many says that the beautiful flower was made out of the tears of the Greek goddess Iris. This goddess was Zeus’s messenger, who left Olympus to spread God’s commandments to people and to protect them from trouble. Ancient Greek writers Theophrastus, Nicandarus, and Pliny note the high appreciation of the iris in the medicine of their time, especially pasta made from this flower, whose intensive scent excited extra sensual abilities.

How to make the iris amulet?

You have to do the Iris ritual. Also, you have to start the ritual on the night of the full Moon. Dig out three stalks of purple iris very carefully, along with the flower and the root. Hold them towards the Moon and recite the following chant: “Iris possesses a power that will assist me in fulfilling my desires and accepting your energy.” Under the light of nine silver candles, bring the plants into the house and separate the roots from the branches with flowers. The bulb is slowly grind-ed by hand on a piece of purple cloth and left to dry. Put the flowers in an empty glass and leave them by the window. After 15 days, light nine silver candles and grind three more flowers, then add them to the cloth while repeating the chant. Fold the cloth into a triangle shape and sew on every side with a purple thread. Always carry the amulet by your side, in a medallion, or pinned to clothes. Those who meditate should make three talismans and keep them in the vicinity.

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