Is Psychic Ability a Gift or a Burden?

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Is Psychic Ability a Gift or a Burden?

Psychics are known for being gifted people, and psychic vision can help to bring a positive influence into a person’s life, helping to guide them in the right direction. If you possess psychic vision, you will be able to offer a solution for people who are looking for guidance, and help them to encounter the biggest problems in their life. You should offer this guidance not to feel powerful, but to help empower other individuals so that they can see their options much more clearly. You should offer comfort through hard times, helping to boost their self-esteem. There will be times where you will receive negativity from others who view your gift as an alignment with the occult, or other times where you will have to confront fear in other people. However, the truth is that your psychic vision is part of your evolution into the spiritual realm, and you must realize that you have a unique power to serve people in this way.

Whether you are a psychic working professionally, have yet to fully utilize your psychic abilities, or have only used your gift occasionally among friends and family, you will have most likely have to confront some of the dilemmas which are common among all psychics.


Seeing death

One of the most feared impressions that psychics often dread is seeing death, either from a reading, or in a psychic dream. It could be during a reading with another individual, or in your everyday life. If this happens, you must realize that death can symbolize something much deeper than the literal translation of an individual “passing over”. It is often the case that even angels in heaven will not know when someone will pass. It is advisable to say nothing if you encounter death during a reading or in a psychic dream, and instead pray for the individual and their family instead. If death does occur, there’s no need to worry. Remember, you only saw death, you didn’t cause it.

Uncovering a person’s past history

You will have to make a judgement about what to reveal to a person, and how to bring up difficult issues that might cause pain or discomfort. Often you will be looking through a window into your subject’s past history and repressed memories. This is a very powerful tool. However, you may not have the time to help the person in their endeavours, and it is best to provide a general impression instead, and allow the subject to interpret your advice.

Important things to tell your subject

During a reading, sometimes a person won’t ask you for specific details, and some psychics don’t divulge everything they know. However, you will be respected even more if you calmly tell the person important information about their life and future. Many psychic readings which are unsolicited are often greeted with a warm welcome. If you have a psychic vision when you are in the supermarket for example, tell the person. You will often be thanked for your intervention.

Telling individuals about illness

If you are a gifted psychic, you will know that you have the power to save someone’s life. If you choose to disclose an illness, that is up to you, and the decision shouldn’t weigh too heavily on your mind. Not saying anything at all however can delay medical intervention and lead to a more serious condition for the individual. The question is how to best disclose devastating information which can often frighten a person. If you get a psychic impression of something which is unusual in a woman’s breast, it will not be enough to advise them to get a check-up, as their doctor may not schedule a mammogram if the individual has already had one prior in the year. Conversely, it will be too bold to tell the individual that you think she has cancer, as only a doctor can make a medical diagnosis. It is imperative you strike the right balance. In this situation, consider telling the individual’s doctor that you saw something abnormal in her breast during a reading.

The drawbacks of being a psychic

One of the negative aspects of being a psychic is that you will often absorb too much information, which can take a toll on you. This can manifest in physical symptoms such as fatigue, sickness, and aching bones and muscles. You should raise your light vibration to a much higher frequency, which is generated in your heart chakra. Remember that you have an important gift, and you should not see this as a burden, but rather a chance to help inform and transform hundreds of people’s lives.

Feeling other people’s pain

A psychic may complain that they will feel the same physical or emotional pain that an individual will feel, and they can sometimes be confronted with many people on a daily basis, causing them to attract many painful reminders. Distance yourself from the individual just slightly. This will not have any affect on your psychic ability, but will allow your readings to be much more objective and not clouded by your own personal feelings.

Feeling unappreciated

Some psychics do not feel appreciated by wider society. Others psychics feel unappreciated by individuals who they have given readings to, including people who have not called to thank them or acknowledge the difference the psychic has made in their life. Consider it this way. Sometimes your closest friends will not say thank you, but you are rest assured in the notion that they are thankful, even if they haven’t explicitly expressed so.

Being judged

As a psychic, you will often have to confront judgmental people, who may see you as “evil” or a “witch”. You gift can be misinterpreted by many people, even those who are close to you. Don’t take this to heart, and learn to roll with the punches. You will have to live with both the benefits and negatives of being a psychic. Remember that every negative situation can help to strengthen your character, confidence and further your psychic abilities. Over time you will realize that being a psychic is much more of a gift than it is a curse.


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