Is Your Child Psychic?

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Is Your Child Psychic?

It’s commonly thought that children are more open to psychic abilities than many adults are, as they have not yet had time to develop a jaded world view, or experienced peer pressure to denounce such things as nonsense. If your child starts to display psychic behaviour, though, it can be a worrying time. What should you do for the best, and how can you help your child?

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you are yourself open to belief in psychic abilities, but of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be delighted to discover that your child is psychic too. The most common parental reaction is fear or anxiety, because parents are typically frightened for their children, worried about how the child will cope, worried about bullying and unsure how to guide their little one safely.

There are many different kinds of psychic ability, and many ways in which your child might first let you know that something is going on. Perhaps she will ask you who such and such a figure in the house is, when you know there’s nobody there. Or she might start to tell about her previous life, have knowledge about something you’ve never discussed in front of her, or even talk about a visit from a grandparent or relative who has passed to spirit. Every family will handle this slightly differently, but there are two golden rules:

  • Stay calm
  • Believe your child


Reassurance is Crucial

Whether your child is frightened by what she has experienced, or excited, or merely curious, what she’s looking for from you is reassurance. However freaked out you might be, act normal and matter of fact. Depending on your child’s age and on your own beliefs, you might want to talk to her about the spirit world and explain that nothing in spirit can harm her. If she can see a figure as she’s talking to you, ask her to show you exactly where the figure is, and then calmly walk into that space and show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. Whenever your child talks to you about their psychic experiences, be interested and attentive but neutral – normalise it as much as you can.

Short Term Fixes

As a short term practical solution, especially if your child is experiencing things at night, leaving a night light on often helps to diminish the spirit activity. Guided meditation can also help even the youngest of children, who can be taught to surround themselves with a golden light of protection and calm. If the child is frightened by the spirit contact, explain in an age appropriate way that she can ask the spirit person to leave her alone, just as she could ask  a living person to not bother her. Practice this in a role play situation until she is confident in doing so.

Seeking Advice

While you adjust to the news, try to be clear in your mind as to what kind of solution you’re looking for. Do you want to help your child develop his or her abilities, in time? For many parents, the answer to this will be yes, but if your child is very distressed by the whole thing, you might judge it better to try to limit the spirit activity or reduce it all together, at least until the child is much older. Keep a journal for a couple of weeks and note down every psychic episode which occurs. This will help you get the issue in perspective, and will also give insight to anyone you turn to for advice. Probably the best place to go for advice is your local spiritualist church, most of which will have people who have come across this many times before and will be able to advise you, and indeed to work with your child if they are old enough and if that is what you and they both wish.

Moving Forward

If your psychic child is a teen, they would probably benefit from visiting a spiritualist church with you, reading books on the subject and finding a mentor (with your help and supervision) – an experienced medium or psychic who went through this themselves as a teen. Younger children will develop their gifts at a slower but natural pace provided you support them lovingly and don’t actively discourage them. If your child actively wants to work on their gift, and you think it’s appropriate, young children enjoy psychic games like zener cards and remote viewing, and they also enjoy quiet meditation. The more you can normalise psychic abilities, the more your psychic child will feel they can confide in you, and the more you will be able to offer guidance and support on their pathway.

Originally posted 2020-05-01 17:28:21.

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