The Jupiter money ritual

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jupiter1Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter takes its name from the Jupiter the god in Roman mythology  who was the king on the pantheon. Jupiter wields his authority with swagger and confidence. His rule and judgment is law Discussion or persuasion neither required nor permitted when his rule was implemented.

rp_energy-300x225.jpgAl-chemically  speaking the Jupiter symbol is reflected in the material form of tin. Tin is an alchemical symbol    that represents mediation and a balance between hot and cold (situated between Mars – Iron and Saturn – Lead). The thunderbolt is a stand-in for the Jupiter symbol in alchemical texts, and signifies the second phase of the Lesser Work of the grand alchemical process.

money ritualThis ritual is performed on a certain day during the hour of Jupiter. You will need a green and a white candle. The green candle represents money and the white one represents you. Salve the candles with oil, while thinking of your wishes about money. Put the candles on the table, at 8cm apart one from another and speak the following: “Money, money comes to me, in abundance, three times three. I can get rich in best ways, without harming anyone on the way. I accept that, it must be that way. Bring me the money, three times three. Repeat the chant for 8 days. On every following day put the white candle one centimeter closer to the green one. When the candles collide, your ritual will be finished. This ritual is to be performed in the hour of Jupiter, because Jupiter attracts money and the ritual will be stronger.


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