Karmic Links Between Zodiac Signs

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Did you know that each zodiac sign has a karmic link with both the sign before it and the sign following it? These beautiful links tend to take the style of a teacher-pupil relationship, with each sign having much to learn from the one following it. The signs of the zodiac as a whole represent the growth of the human soul, and so each sign has already been through what the preceding sign is experiencing, and has evolved to the next stage.

This is why, despite being generally incompatible in terms of elements, people with neighbouring zodiac signs tend to get along very well. The first sign learns from the second, and the second has a great deal of patience with the first, having “been there, done that and got the t-shirt”. Let’s see how this works in practice.


Taurus teaches reckless, impulsive Aries the value of patience, and shows Aries how to enjoy the moment rather than rushing ahead to the next moment all the time. Although a slow and steady earth sign, Taurus copes much better with Aries tantrums than with other fire signs, because Taurus instinctively understands where Aries is coming from.


Gemini teaches stubborn Taurus that change can be a good thing. Light-footed Gemini also shows Taurus how embracing variety and learning better communication skills can help them out of their self-created Taurean rut. Gemini doesn’t have a lot of patience as a rule, but makes more of an exception for Taurus than for other earth signs.


Nurturing, instinctive Cancer teachers airy Gemini to get up close and personal with the feelings which Gemini would otherwise prefer to keep at arm’s length. Cancer also shows Gemini the value of fidelity and roots, encouraging this flighty sign to put more store in emotional security. Gemini can irritate many waters signs with too much nervous energy, but Cancer copes better with Gemini than with Aquarius or Libra.


Leo’s karmic job is to teach Cancer to worry less. Leo is a sunny, happy-go-lucky, larger than life sign, and Cancer could definitely do with some sunshine during the darker moments of this sign. Leo teaches Cancer that worse things happen at sea, that it will be OK, and that smiling is good for you. Leo often has little patience with the emotional excesses of the water signs, but makes an indulgent exception for Cancer.


Quiet, meticulous Virgo teaches Leo that nobody can be in the spotlight the whole time. A little humility is necessary for Leo people to really thrive, and Virgo is the perfect karmic teacher for this. Virgo teaches Leo to pay attention to detail too, so that Leo’s grand plans can actually, finally, get off the ground. Shy Virgo is easily dominated by the fire signs, but holds forth much better against Leo than against Aries or Sagittarius.


Libra teaches Virgo the value of life’s intrinsic beauty. Virgo’s critical nature can often fail to see anything but fault, but Libra helps Virgo to appreciate the good things in life, and to count blessings and abundance. Although Libra’s indecisive nature is often harassed by sensible earth signs, Libra tends to feel benevolent and understanding towards Virgo, and gently chivvies Virgo out of a self-imposed duty trap.


Deeply powerful Scorpio teaches Libra to be unafraid, to make choices, and to deal with the consequences of those choices with head held high. Scorpio also shows Libra that there is a world beyond the superficial, waiting to be explored. Scorpio often has little time for the airy fairy ideas of the air signs, but copes much better with Libran fantasies than with Gemini or Aquarius.


Sagittarius’ karmic role is to teach Scorpio to explore. Sagittarius can teach this possessive, controlling sign that it’s OK to lose control once in a while, and that taking a risk is a good thing. Sagittarius also shows Scorpio how to be more flexible and less fixed in his or her ways. Although often bored with the moods of the water signs, Sagittarius enjoys Scorpio much more than Cancer or Pisces.


Capricorn teaches Sagittarius that no matter what adventures life brings, someone still has to pay the bills and take out the rubbish. Responsible, hard working Capricorn is the perfect karmic teacher for Sagittarius, helping the adventurer learn how to take care of the most important things in life. Capricorn finds Aries and Leo rude and brash, but makes an exception for fire sign Sagittarius.


Aquarius teaches Capricorn the value of freedom, including the freedom to break the rules Capricorn loves so much. Forward thinking Aquarius also teaches Capricorn that tradition can suffocate as much as it can support, and gives Capricorn permission to do things differently. Aquarius dislikes the caution of earth signs, but copes much better with Capricorn than with Taurus or Virgo.


Pisces teaches Aquarius to feel and to sense. Aquarius is suspicious of emotions and skeptical of spirituality, but through the karmic lessons of Pisces, Aquarius learns to embrace spirit and to feel safe within their own soul. Pisces is easily hurt by the fickle nature of air signs, but feels an instinctive bond and understanding with Aquarius which is lacking between Pisces and either Gemini or Libra.


Aries teaches Pisces how to be more assertive and independent. Gentle Pisces is always at risk of being too reliant on others, and Aries is the perfect karmic teacher to show Pisces how to stand up for his or herself, and why it’s important to make your voice heart. Aries doesn’t usually have much time for dreamers, but the karmic bond with Pisces is strong, must stronger than with the other water signs, Cancer or Scorpio.

And so the wheel turns full circle, with each of the signs being both a teacher and a pupil. What a beautiful illustration of the wheel of life – and a reminder of how much each of us has to learn from those around us!

Originally posted 2020-05-01 17:14:16.

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