Leo – apologizing by horoscope

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rp_sorry-300x201.pngLEO – The righteous king of the jungle will not give you many problems, while you are on his good side. When that changes, the Leo will never the less try to make things right.

Leo woman

leo womaaaanEven when she is financially struggling, be certain that you will not lack anything by her side. And when she gets a head start…she will put you on a pedestal where you will have a secure place in her life and in her heart. Being that she expects your constant attention and admiration that you award only to her (her attempt to make you realize that she is not just anyone), you will often feel as her minion. As soon as she notices that it bothers you, the female Leo will transform into a loveable kitten. And once again, you will caress her and listen to her purring on your shoulder.

Leo man

rp_leo1-286x300.jpgAs much as he is self-aware, the male Leo will bow his proud head when he sees that he has made a mistake and did wrong by you, let alone offend you. Naturally, only when it is eye to eye contact. He does not even like to hear that he has ever hurt you in anyway, because everyone knows that he is your gentlemen, knight in shining armor, the prince on a white horse. That is why get along with the role of the ˝house slave˝, until the male Leo does not begin to express his head of the house role. Although he won’t handle easily the situation when you wait for him in his favorite chair, he will never the less use the whole arsenal of flattery phrases and sincere apologies until you bend.


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