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honest, generous, self-motivated, charismatic, loyalty,warm-hearted, enthusiastic, dignity, will-power, generosity, ambitious, speculative, extroverted, optimistic, honorable, dignified,  exuberant, flamboyant, extremely sensitive


too pride, snobbery, conceit, bullying, rigidity, intolerance, arrogant, extravagant. fears of irrelevancy,


  • Leos love praise, their egos demand respect and adoration. This can cause them to be self-centered. Fairly or unfairly, arrogance is often associated with them. Leo sees himself as the center of his universe, and isn’t afraid to let others know of his importance. He loves praise. So praise Him, praise him often and frequently and watch your Leo preen with pleasure.He never accepts defeat and will continue fighting until he wins every challenge. If Leo’s audience do not provide the needed appreciation, Leo is too proud to ask for it and they will suffer a hurt ego, but no one will ever know .The secret of the Leo is that they need to be needed.
  • Leo has the “all about me” syndrome, but he knows how to  control it. Leo has a brilliant mind. He seeks an honest, intelligent exchange and is elated when he meets his match. Leo wants to know what you think and how you formed your opinions. It is good to know that  Leo has a sense of obligation to take care of those around them. Leos like the best of everything: the best cars, the best wines and restaurants. They can sometimes get a little carried away with this concept of “the best” and forget that it’s not things that make up a personality, but character.
  • Though he can be quite the entertainer, his shadowy side reveals an individual person who is highly ego-driven and. This can be tough for Leo’s intimate partners. Bu when he is in love this is one sign that knows how to love and be loved. Rather than trying to tame the lion, accept Leo for who he is.

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