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Leo facts

Leo facts are in front of you. Here are some intriguing facts about Leo that shed light on the vibrant personality of this dynamic sign: Read valuable facts about Leo that may help understand their behavior the bold and radiant lion of the zodiac, is a constellation of unique qualities that make them stand out in the astrological realm.

Leo Element:

Fire. Their basic element is Fire. They are known for their energy and warmth. The warmth will not deplete over time. Their energy can be contagious and it engulfs others too. Just like Fire they too can be unpredictable in their actions. They possess strong leadership qualities and hence, often are natural contenders for leadership.


Leo facts about Ruling Planet

Sun. Their key planet is the Sun, which lords over our solar system. The Sun spreads light throughout the planetary system and gives the prime source of all energy. Astrologically, the Sun represents our will. It’s like the fuel that fires each of Leo’s furnaces and gives them cause to live. The Sun as their key planet suggests that Leo people are the nourishers of all life in the world, but, equally, they have the power to annihilate all creation.Leo is ruled by the sun, the center of our solar system. This celestial connection infuses Leos with a natural warmth, confidence, and a shining charisma that draws people toward them.

Lucky day: Sunday
Lucky number: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22
Favorable Months: April, August, September, December.
Unfavorable Months: February, March, October, November

Lucky Color: Gold, Orange, White, Red
Suitable Profession: Career with a high inclination toward leadership skills
Energy Signs: Yang

Leo facts about their Lucky Stone:

Protective stone lions are Sardonic. This beautiful red-brown semiprecious stone keeps courage, virtue, and strength. Protector of marriage and the bride wearing it to a wedding, it is believed, will have a happy marriage. It also brings popularity and was believed to protect against blindness and insect bites. The Romans used it for

Lucky talisman for Leo

talismans and amulets sardius developing eloquence; tricolor ensures honor and dignity; per dot is good for harmony; topaz, yellow, orange or brown, against anger.

Leo Strength:

Their biggest strength is their confidence, that is why in their presence, others feel confident too. They are so obsessed with their leadership quality that they often break conventional rules and decorumTheir other positive qualities are determination, empathy, and loyalty, and they are a great source of motivation. They do not take instructions from others. Leos are aggressive and sometimes their aggressions are hard to handle. So, they always carry a big ego with them and this is a trait, that others dislike about them.

Leo’s weakness:

Their love for admiration often lands them amid sycophants who can harm Leo’s people. They don’t take kindly to criticism. Their other negative qualities are: they are domineering, melodramatic, and can be very stubborn. They can be hyper-aggressive. They are often boisterous and love drama. So, Their love for admiration often leads them to choose the wrong people around them.

Weak points:

Leo manages the spine, arteries, and blood circulation in general. Therefore, a person born under this sign is exposed to heart disease. Therefore, moderately, but regularly they have to deal with the exercises and avoid a life without movement. Their weak points are the eyes, spleen, pancreas, and seminal glands.

Positive Qualities of Leo:

Magnanimous, Self-awareness, Dignity, Exhibiting majesty or Grand, Optimism, Romantic, Aristocrat, Dedicated. They are Generous and responsible. Leo people are the born leaders and the real performers. If you give them any task, they will do it by any means. They set their own rules and follow them. As lovers, they are passionate lovers.

Negative Qualities of Leo:

Ferocious, Arrogance, Impatience, Braggart.

Possible Health Concerns:

The Sun is the heart of our solar system and it is the ruling planet of Leo. They are prone to ailments of the heart and spine, which is the heart of our nervous system. An unhappy Leo becomes depressed which is causing stomach bulge as well as back pain.
Compatible Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra.

Famous Personalities:

Neil Armstrong, V.V. Giri, J.R.D. Tata, P.B. Shelly, Alfred Hitchcock, Antonio Banderas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Eric Bana, Henry Ford, Jackie Kennedy.

Leo Career

Leos possesses great leadership qualities. They are assured and confident. Leos naturally taste success in profiles of leaders, politicians, and army generals. Their creativity helps them succeed in the careers of actors, entertainers, and directors. They can become great sports personalities as well. Their skills to influence and manage people around them also make them good managers.

Leo in love and marriage

Leos are searching for love more than any other sign on the zodiac. Flamboyant and beautiful people, they often engage in several romantic relations at a time.Leos fall for beauty. They tend to get attracted to people who are attractive in their physical appearances and dresses. So, they pay too much attention to looks. Leos would always remain the dominating partner.

Meaning of name: The Lion
Type: Fire-Fixed-Positive

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