Leo – How to know that the breakup is near?

horoscope guru

Leo newMaybe you think that you have found someone special, just that someone who makes your heart beat faster. But does your partner feels the same as you? Would you like to know when your love is not returned? See the following few instructions that we have prepared a little sage advice how Leo behaves when he or she do not feel the same as you.

raskidLions are known as very generous people. Even when your Leo partner  does not feel the same as you Leo partner will remain generous. Lion will continue to buy you  gifts, although they will not be as expensive as they  used to be. However, he or she will try to tell you the truth, but in a roundabout way. Leo will  treat you like a special friend who is leaving.

heartLeo is gentle and careful when it comes to breakups. Leo does not want to hurt anyone more than it is necessary. Leo will stay your   friend even after interruption.


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