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rp_good-bad-4-300x2121-300x212.jpgIf you want to understand Libra in your area or to get to know yourself, read the following words carefully



libra man 3Positive traits of Libra

They love harmony and strive to maintain a balance in everything. Respect the beauty and harmony, as in things and in people. In general, they are very pleasant and nice person. They never provoke other people first and go their own way. They usually have a lot of good friends because they are loyal and favorite and like company. They have an open spirit, they can easily make decisions. Smart and open, they are trying to put themselves in anothers position to understand them better, they are empathetic. They are fighting against injustice. In the social contacts they are trying to be very tactful and considerate. They do not tolerate a set up and gossip. They like harmony in all relationships. They have a keen sense of beauty and worship beautiful furniture and clothing. They have the potential to be involved in art and they have a sublime taste. They know how to use colors, better than all the others. They love guests and they enjoy when they see that his guests all feel like home. I always find a common language with everyone. They are idealists by nature. But money is not the result of idealism. If they want wealth, then they must be changed. They belong to the art world and have a natural gift for creating and expressing beauty through an artistic medium. They love teamwork. If they are an architects, the world would accept all their work. They are intellectual and talented people, often living from the art. So you need to know that Libra is:

The Libras are experts at getting things done, but they cannot be called cunning. They are too good to exploit the emotions of other people. They are very empathetic.

Their ruling planet is Venus, that is why they are extremely romantic. Whatever they do in life is driven by the feelings of love.

They have a very pleasing manner of talking and also choose pleasant subjects to talk about. That is why people often feel happy in their company.

goodLove Justice
They have a strong sense of justice and fair play. They may skillfully find their way out, and they will always play by the rules of justice.

They are well-known for their diplomatic skills and have the ability to listen to differing points of view with patience.

The Libra will never go to extremes, and will mostly choose the middle path in order to please everyone around them.

libra man 3Negative traits of Libra

As a person, they can be dishonest. In order to preserve peace and harmony, they are able to do everything, especially to lie. Sometimes they do not have the power to deal with real life, because they prefer to live in their own world, that they have imagined. If someone confront them, they will agree with him even when they know they are re right, because even debate about what they believe, can be or very disturbing to them. They are not direct. . Sometimes they like material goods too much . They are Enjoying the luxury of gold and exaggeration. They re sometimes very jealous. So you need to know that Libra is also:

The Libra can easily get carried away by outer beauty. They may ignore the beautiful inner qualities of other people.

Libras are firm and strong, but they can also be detached and pretend to be pleasant sometimes as they don’t wish to displease anyone.

A Libra can easily be influenced by the views of other people and are prone to keep changing their minds. Ii is difficult to them to keep their promises.

The Libra, can sometimes be lazy and may tend to take things easy. It is not physical laziness, but they wish to avoid any kind of stress or emotional challenges.

One of the most difficult things for a Libra is to take a decision. When faced with a choice, it is very tough for them to select what is best for them.
Because they have a strong desire for material comforts, they may tend to waste a lot of money in unnecessary luxuries.

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