The love spell with a mirror

  • mirorThe Mirror is a symbol of physical and spiritual reflection. We use Mirrors every day to reflect physical images. But when we consider the esoteric, or mystic, symbolism associated with the mirror we find that it alludes to a much higher purpose – spiritual reflection.
  • Just as a physical mirror is a reflection of how we currently appear,so too does our Spiritual Mirror truthfully reflect the  consequences   of our actions along with the karmic rewards, or punishments, which the consequences of our actions have brought upon us.

    energyOur Spiritual Mirror reflects back to us our external surroundings. It  shows us the people, places and events which are currently a part of the life we have created for ourselves. By gazing at our external surroundings we are looking
    directly into our Spiritual Mirror.

  • That is why is the mirror very effective and useful in rituals, especially in the rituals for love and relationships.

To carry out this spell, one needs a mirror, a personal photo, and a photo of the person you want to be with. Take the mirror and put the photo of a person of interest over our reflection in the mirror. Let the image of the photo face the mirror and put the photo of yourself on the other side of the mirror. Attach them to the mirror with a tape. Write the following chant on the back of your photo and say it three times: “With these magic words I wish that (say the person’s name) sees my reflection the mirror every time they look into one and to think of me”. Wear this mirror on you at all times, wherever you go. After 30 days, you will see the results of this spell.


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