Lucky signs of the Zodiac during the New Moon on September 15 – 6 characters await luck in love and finances!

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The New Moon in the sign of Virgo occurs on September 15, 2023, at 2:40 a.m. and brings the beginning of a new lunar cycle. All signs of the Zodiac will feel its power, but the six characters of the Zodiac will be especially strongly influenced.

The New Moon in your sign will give you the energy to build your personal life according to your rules!

You will make an essential decision to improve your well-being and comfort.

Jupiter, the ruler of your relationship sector, as well as the ruler of your real estate sector, will promote housing solutions.

You can move to a new apartment consider renovating, or your partner will offer you a life together.

The New Moon occurs in your relationship sector – and yes, this is 100% the beginning of a new love acquaintance, or you will feel great interest in yourself from the opposite sex.

Your partner will likely make you an offer related to travel.

It will be romantic, with a touch of luxury and material well-being.

The New Moon in your housing sector will bring you a new phase related to the place of residence.

With your partner, you can buy land in another country or (if your partner is abroad) move in with him.

You can also get into a relationship with a person related to psychology, medicine, or a financial expert (who works in a tax or insurance company).

The New Moon in Virgo appears in your friend’s sector, receiving a supportive aspect from Jupiter and Uranus from your house of relationships.

This means that on September 15, you can start an affair with one of your colleagues, friends, or old acquaintances.

Interestingly, Pluto will be in the travel sector, so there could be a noticeable improvement in an existing relationship. For example, in connection with moving.

The New Moon is in your love sector, and Jupiter and Uranus in your first house could prepare you for a new love story.

Most likely, there will be an element of freedom from obligations in the relationship because the planets enter relationships in the houses responsible for freedom and love, which, in this case, are not in conflict.

The New Moon is in your travel sector, and Jupiter and Uranus in your love sector can make your partner more proactive.

He will likely offer you to start a life together or go on a trip.

Also, single people can meet their partner at courses, on a trip, or when drawing up international documents.


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