Magic tips for attracting money

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When to lend money and to ask for a raise

A raise should be sought on a Wednesday during the day. Do not lend money to your friends on Tuesdays. A loan should be taken and given in the mornings because any money transaction executed during the night leads to a bust. Try not to ever borrow money, and to give it more often to the ones who seek it from you because you will program them to repay the loans in other ways.

A paycheck should wait for the next day

Do not spend money on the day you get it if you want the money to love your home. The whole sum should spend the night in your home.

What not to lend to your neighbors?

One should not lend bread or salt, because money security could leave your home and go to your neighbor’s.House rules for a full budget. There will be no money if you whistle in a room and clear bread crumbs from the table with your hand.

What to do with pockets?

Fill the pockets of your clothes in the closet with small paper bills. Money does not like torn pockets and loose buttons.

Old belief in brooms. In order to have money in your home, a broom should be put away with the stick facing down.

Make a triangle from a paper bill of any kind. Put it in the smallest compartment of your wallet. Likewise, there should be a lucky bill in the wallet, your first ever made money, or the one given by a good man. This bill should not be spent; it is your financial lucky charm. Otherwise, money might get angry and not come to you.

Never keep the wallet empty

it should always hold at least something. All the money should be facing its owner.

Do not still someone others luck. Money from gamble, illegally earned, found or thorn does not bring luck and should not be held in the wallet. Give it away or spend it quickly.

Keep on to the large bills. They should be kept in the house or a year, fill it with energy and attract money.


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