Amulet against negative energy – Magic powers of salt

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rp_energy-300x225.jpgSalt is one of the greatest gifts of the soil. Its incredible magic powers and ability to absorb negative energy are known since the ancient times. The Romans considered it a symbol of health and prosperity, ruled by goddess Sallust, whom was worshiped and offered gifts.

Salt carries two meanings, which symbolize life and death at the same time. The energy of life issol manifested through its characteristics to feed and preserve, and it also has healing powers. However, salt water kills, and soil salinity does not give life to plants, trees and flowers. Salt gathered in the layers of the Earth is a strong positive charge which is able to absorb negative energy that comes in contact with. That explains the calming effect of salt.

It has been used in cleansing rituals since the old ages. It is believed that using a salt bought on a Thursday by a man increases its powers. Bags of salt are used to protect a home and to cleanse it from negative energy. Salt in white bags put in the corners of the house restrains negative influences. Cleaning jewelry with salt absorbs all negative energy. It is believed that tossing a pinch of salt over a shoulder removes bad luck and scares evil spirits awaiting to make damage.

Originally posted 2020-02-18 09:49:00.

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