Meaning dreams of a swan

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What does it mean to dream of a swan?

To dream of a swan:

– To see a swan – joy, health and happy love are ahead of you

– White swan – heralds your tranquility

– Black swan – worries and quarrels

Definition I

– a bird from the genus Cygnus movacrica with a characteristically long neck (e.g. red-billed l. C. color, black l. C. atratus)

The swan is an animal that everyone loves.

There are animals, as well as people, that everyone likes, no matter what.

If you dreamed of a swan, it is good for you, it is a sign of mercy. Someone towards you or you towards someone, it doesn’t matter.

Definition II

– Swans (lat. Cygnus) are the name of a genus of birds from the order of parakeets. Within the order of swans, swans are part of the cygnet subfamily. The genus Olor, which is no longer recognized, once belonged to the genus Cygnes tribus in the duck family. The species Olor Cygnes is now called Cygnus cygnus (Linnaeus, 1758), and Olor buccinator – Cygnus buccinator Richardson, 1832. The plumage of swans is either completely white, or a mixture of black and white, with the white variant sometimes having black wingtips. Black swans are the only black swan species. They have white wingtips and pronounced red beaks. Males and females are always very similar, with no sexual dimorphism.

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