Mercury in Air signs

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Astrological characteristics for planet Mercuryrp_mercury-planet-300x300.png
Essential dignity: in Gemini and Virgo
Exile: in Sagittarius and Pisces

Mercury is in horoscope the planet which relates to intellect, communication, speech, travel and traffic. It represents children, youth, school and cars. In Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes the  messenger of the gods and it  has one foot in the physical world and another in the realm of the unseen. The planet Mercury concerns the mind. He also represents your sign and house position influences the mysterious way you put it all together up there.

Mercury in Gemini

rp_gemini-3-287x3001-287x300-287x300.jpgMercury in Gemini is in its domicile and provides intellect, inventiveness and undisputed quickness of thought. It also points to the remarkable writing and rhetorical capabilities. Mercury in Gemini may appear a bit scattered. They have a broad knowledge of many subjects… but not too much about any one subject. These persons are often of good will, very likeable and generous. Mercury in Gemini is very sensitive to what is going on around them. They are very impressionable. While they tend to be open-minded, logical answers appeal to them. Most of the time intuition is not part of their process.

Mercury in Libra

rp_Libra-2-237x3001.jpgMercury in Libra provides calm, gentle and sophisticated persons. People with this combination are usually destined to be involved in music in any kind of way. They are natural diplomats, or at least make the effort. They wish everyone were equal in the intellectual circles. This is a good position for intellectual development. They may expect prosperity if they decide to work in social institutions. While they strive for perfection and can’t help criticizing, they try to be tactful. They are always looking for compromise, so everyone is happy.

Mercury in Aquarius

aquariusMercury in Aquarius provides original and inventive persons, predominantly characterized by exquisite capability to understand others and to empathize with their problems. Mercury in Aquarius likes to break the rules when expressing themselves. They are loved by their social circle, loyal, and friendly even towards total strangers. Their surrounded by social intellectual elite. They are often detached and seem to have their own agenda. Mercury in Aquarius is often labeled eccentric. They love controversy and chaos, and have little respect for tradition.


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