Mercury in Fire signs

Astrological characteristics for Mercuryrp_mercury-planet-300x300.png
Essential dignity in Gemini and Virgo
Exile: in Sagittarius and Pisces

In horoscope, Mercury is the planet which relates to intellect, communication, speech, travel, traffic. It represents children, youth, school, cars…Mercury associated with the mind and communication. This planet ,i n Greek myths, was Hermes, the winged messenger god and in Roman times, it was portrayed as a trickster.The planet’s movements are said to influence communication. Mercury rules the signs of the intellect Gemini and Virgo.

rp_ovan-2-253x3001.jpgMercury in Aries

Persons with Mercury in Aries are primarily impulsive, they possess the power of quick judgment, which may sometimes bring conclusions that might divert them in the wrong direction. Aries is pure impulse.  And those with Mercury in Aries have no filter, they are pure, uncensored speakers. Natives with this Mercury are obsessed with the new, and get fired up when presenting their ideas.They are unstable and they lack a sense of order and destination. They love books and literature creation, if not professionally, then at least indirectly. They are the best in defending their opinions. Challenging others is not something they are afraid of, they enjoy in it.

rp_leo1-286x300.jpgMercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo creates ambitious, trustworthy, stable and temperament persons. Mercury in Leo speaks with style and authority.They usually aspire towards higher goals in life. They possess organizational qualities, and they strive for the acknowledgment of those qualities. They love children, small animals, theater and sports. They should avoid consuming opiates, drugs and pharmaceuticals with said characteristics. They hold their opinions very dear and take pride in their beliefs. They tend to be idealistic. Mercury in Leo has a good intellect, and they love to express themselves.

rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgMercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius constitutes ambitious, truthful, independent and impulsive persons that sometimes express liability to be harsh or excluding towards other people. Mercury in Sagittarius espouses freedom of thought, at least, they try. They are optimistic and  future oriented. This Mercury position creates rebels, or leaders of social changes. Interesting enough, they still love and respect people with authority. They have a great thirst for knowledge. They learn best when given the freedom to think and choose and also prefer topics they are truly interested in, and when they are having fun.


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