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mercury planetThe astrology house in which Mercury resides in your birth chart shows what you will spend the most time thinking and communicating about. You can also find out  where it is easiest for you to express your ideas.

Mercury in the 1st House

home1They  are restless, adaptable, changeable, easily distracted and nimble. They  love to talk but they might often monopolize the conversation or fail to listen. They are often too busy thinking about what  will they say instead to  listen. They are lively and interesting  and they  quickly adapt to new situations. They treat most new endeavors with curiosity and great interest. Their  first reaction to new stimuli is logical and curious rather than emotional.


Mercury in the 2nd House

home2They have a very practical mind and are very intelligent. They often  see the obvious and  logical answer to any predicament well before others. They  don’t like to be pushed into talking or coming to a conclusion. They need to work at their  own pace. They are often  quite one-track minded  and they are not very happy with multi-tasking. They are  often quite fixed in their opinions. This position also gives love for the computer, and electronic engineering.

Mercury in the 3rd House

home3They are very interested in reading, teaching, speaking, exchanging ideas, daily news. Their interests are many and varied. They are  very easily distracted. They learn very quick and  are  swift to share what they know with others. They are often very talkative and often are quite involved in community. This position also gives love for the computer, and electronic engineering. These people are interested in writing, being an author, media personality actor, director or an anchor.

Mercury in the 4th House

home4They  are extremely imaginative people who have  unusual ideas and plans. Their thinking is  subjective, and in some cases narrow or biased. They enjoy working at home or keeping a lively, intellectual atmosphere in  home. They  tend to retain a lot of information. They  are quite interested in history, psychology and politics. They are slow in embracing  a new ideas or plans and can be quite traditional in their  thinking.This is a good position for a real-estate developer, and agents.

Mercury in the 5th House

home5They  tend to use their  voice, whether written or spoken. They are often very  witty and humorous with great   communication skills. They love playing games, especially   intellectual ones. They  love tricks, jokes, plays on words, and mimicry. They have a tendency to promise more than they  can deliver.  Curiosity is a strong motivator for making social and romantic contacts. They make one of the best written communicators, especially in romantic novel writing.

Mercury in the 6th House

home6They love to  think of all the details that others often forget, which can make them a little nervous. They are excellent at  organizing and making lists and associations. They can often  miss the bigger point! They are helpful and others can count on them. They truly love to feel useful. They often   have some traits of a hypochondriac. Nervous tension could be at the root of many of their  health complaints. They are  very brilliant accountants, finance professionals, and a computer programmers.

Mercury in the 7th House

home7They have a great love of debate. Bouncing ideas off others helps them to make a decision, but  coming to definite conclusions can be difficult for them. Communication with a partner is craved and they  also love an audience for their own thoughts and opinions. They are quite skilled at keeping a partnership animated and alive. They can easily become bored in partnership if the lines of communication go down. Moon makes them very business minded, with good communicative skills with everyone.

Mercury in the 8th House

home8They are very curious about what motivates people,  all that is mysterious, taboo and psychological. They are excellent at analyzing people. They are good for finances, medicine and other subjects that require research. They are authoritative and others listen to them. They have strong persuasive powers which should be used carefully. They feel that everything we do and experience has a purpose.This position however gives lots of support from in-laws, and taking huge loans for big business.

Mercury in the 9th House

home9They  are eternally curious and hunger for knowledge. They enjoy exchanging ideas and personal philosophies with others. They are often especially buoyant, enthusiastic and even inspiring in their  communications. They are skilled at finding a quick solution to problems. They  take great pleasure in learning that something they have shared or taught has inspired others to take action. They can however have lack of good teachers and gurus in life.

Mercury in the 10th House

home10They are good with languages so they have to use this talent in their professions. They have an authoritative air about them. They often have more than one job going at once and they change their  career directions frequently.  Computer programmer can become a lawyer, and turn out to become a president of a country; after leaving office they can write a book. They  require frequent changes of setting or activities in order to remain stimulated and challenged. This position of Mercury is a very outgoing personality who loves communication and networking with people.

Mercury in the 11th House

home11Those people are endlessly curious about people, group interactions, community affairs and trends. They are attracted to people who brings new ideas  and who have something novel to contribute on  intellectual level. They are very forward-looking and fair-minded. Fair play, impartiality and unselfishness are important ideals for them. They often make  in personal wishes, dreams, plans and ideals. This is the most fun position for Mercury,it is all about having a good time. It’s all about pleasing everyone and doing business through social networking and media.

Mercury in the 12th House

home12They are not very quick to speak or communicate. They make an excellent confidante, they  are very discreet and secrets go into the vault. They are often  over analyzing  and then have problems acting on their intuition. They are  attracted to symbols, sentiment, imagery and paradoxes. Learning to communicate clearly is a challenge for them. Mercury is with Ketu in this house, can make a person gay, or bi-sexual. Mercury  also gives a dull mind unless sitting with Venus or Jupiter.


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