Mercury retrograde brings financial changes for four zodiac signs

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Retrograde Mercury always comes into our lives with one purpose – to remake what is not working well and is not in favor of our future progress. This time, Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo from August 20. until September 15, in the constellation responsible for mechanisms, work, work teams, health, and technology. In this case, his task is to work out what went wrong in these areas of your life.

Regarding money, Mercury retrograde will bring significant financial gains by trine Jupiter in Taurus. This means that many financial matters can be improved thanks to the patronage, guidance, or one of your teachers, producers, or those with whom you can enter into a profitable partnership.


Mercury retrograde will affect your financial sector – your income may change, or you may reconsider your spending.

You will likely go back to your past earnings to improve them and raise the prices of your services.

For example, take a course to improve your skills or start teaching yourself, for which you will charge an increased fee.

Retrograde Mercury focuses on the family budget and pays attention to your partner’s income.

In your family life, a financial review begins – you will start drawing up documents to obtain a mortgage, a loan or decide on repairs, and you will have to allocate the family budget differently.

Mercury rules the personal projects sector in your chart, which means you may decide to take on a large amount of capital to develop your business.

Retrograde Mercury will get seriously involved in your personal affairs – in your birth chart, he is responsible for finances and will retrograde in his own project’s sector.

This means you reconsider how much money you invest in business development.

You will also decide to spend money on children or a loved one in a different way – you will probably choose to hide part of the finances or start more scrupulously “counting” the money allocated for your child.

Mercury retrograde until September 15 will bring severe questions about the capital you could invest in some Internet projects.

You may redistribute finances in this project or have to reconsider plans for its implementation.

For example, if your project has investor or loan money, you must reconsider your expenses and their effectiveness.


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