Mercury retrograde triggers love luck for three zodiac signs

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The three astrological signs will feel strong support through many interesting planetary transits. For lovers, the week begins with Venus in sextile with Lilith on the same day Mercury is in sextile with Venus. This means that you will finally use Mercury retrograde to make positive progress.

The most luck in love this week after the beginning of retrograde Mercury on December 13, 2023, will be:

You are ready to look at your past actions. Both good and evil. This way, you will create a new situation with your partner. It was not easy, but you did not lose hope, and during this week, you will realize that you are on the right path even when your patience is tested and your nerves will be tense.
Although Mercury retrograde threatens your patience, you’ll quickly learn to handle the ups and downs of this transit in a way that only a true Gemini can. If something needs to be said between you and your partner, it’s time to put those cards on the table and see what happens. A Moon-Venus square can make you doubt yourself, but even you know how to overcome your insecurities.

Dates and times to remember: On December 12th and 15th, Lilith will come into your world and appear as an intelligent conversation with your love partner. Mercury Retrograde on December 13 can make you feel like everything has gone backward, but it’s there for a reason. On December 14, in the trine of the Sun and the Node, you will find out the purpose, which will be good. The transit of the Sun’s sextile to the Moon on December 17 will also let you know you are on the right track.

Due to the strong influence of Lilith this week, you may find yourself resorting to old tricks, which are okay. You are pretty seductive if you want to be, and in some ways, no one does it like you. Lilith’s energy makes you think it’s time for the old magic to come back, considering how you’ve always managed to freshen up your romance.
The Sun Node trine helps speed things up because you’ll look deep inside and find that some of the “issues” you’ve been holding on to have already been healed, and there’s no valid reason to be angry with your partner. It frees you and, indeed, your partner as well. You will bridge the differences in your relationship and feel like you have been given a second chance.

Dates and times to keep in mind: For you, everything revolves around Lilith’s energy, which takes over as soon as the week begins and continues throughout the week. Use the Sagittarius New Moon to channel Lilith’s energy towards the positive, so look to December 12th and 15th as rewarding days for love and romance. You’ll be in your head most of the time, but you’ll need that moment to think. Thinking is good!

You handle Sagittarius energy well; this is the season’s last astrological week before the Sun enters Capricorn. This is when your optimism comes to the fore, and with Lilith’s strong encouragement, you will surely notice that your confidence in love and romantic matters is at the highest level. You feel good about who you are, which spills over into how you treat your partner.

Your supporting transits this week are the Moon Jupiter trine on December 13 and the Moon-Venus sextile on December 14. These events will help you continue on the path you’ve already taken without fear of making a mistake. You are no longer under the influence of forces that lead you in the wrong direction, and this frees you and allows you to believe in the future of your love relationship. This week, the feeling is optimistic.

Dates and times to remember: You’ll do the right thing and work with Mercury retrograde on December 13, as it will show you how much a step back pulls you back and has negative results. This day will encourage you to realize that moving forward is what you have and that the future will only be bright if you keep up the pace. With the Sun sextile the Moon coming to your rescue on December 17, you’ll realize that what you have is what you want.



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