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Your Midheaven sign is the  Sign that was at the southern highest point above the horizon at the moment you were born. This southern highest point is also known as the Medium Coeli. Midheaven in signs is relates to your career, reputation and social standing. These are your most visible achievements in the eyes others. The Midheaven is one of the four angles of the natal chart. The other three are the Imum Coeli (directly opposite the Midheaven), the Ascendant and the Descendant. The Midheaven represents our most visible achievements in the eyes of society, our public “face”. Below is interpretation of the Midheaven in signs.

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 Statement that represents the Midheaven: “life path” ( social standing and reputation)

Midheaven sign should give you insight into what you need to realize about your place in world. You also must consider any planets that may be found in your ninth and tenth houses. They will modify the end results and make a difference in what career you choose and how successful you will be. That is why is recommended to see Signs in houses. And also Signs in planets especially Sun in signs.

 Midheaven in AriesAries zodiac

  • The energy that Midheaven in Aries brings  – You are full of confidence. Also, you are optimistic and actively pursue your goals. You know what you want from an early age and are strong enough to follow your dreams. Aries in this placement gives you good organizational skills. Also, you may be shy in real life. But once you are in the spotlight, you come alive. No matter what career calls you, you want to shine. You may change careers frequently.  But, you use the varied skills acquired in each to your advantage. New adventures are always welcome. A need to be boss opens the door for self-employment. You are the dynamic leader, whether on stage, in the military, in sports, business, law or politics. A naturally competitive public persona brings you success in a fighting role in whatever field you choose. You are blessed with a spiritual, intuitive awareness. It continues to grow and expand throughout your life. Balance is important. Learning meditation may help keep you grounded and centered. When you lose sight of your goal, you can become uncomfortable or irritable. Also, you may become compulsive or resentful. It is recommended for you to see where your Mars is placed in natal chart. It will affect how you go about accomplishing what you need to accomplish.
  • Positive traits: You have leadership qualities that may be useful at some point in their career. Also you are confident, self-reliant, independent, having the courage of your convictions,  acting on your own ideas.
  • Negative traits: Aries Midheaven can be impulsive and jump into something without enough planning. Also there is a fear of standing alone, fear of conflict, fear of being independen.t Old patterns may show up inappropriately. When left too much to yourself, you may become judgmental or arrogant.

Midheaven in Taurus

Midheaven in Taurus


  • The energy that Midheaven  in Taurus brings – You prefer to sink into a secure, hands-on career that has good prospects for generating wealth. You’re skilled with building, shaping sculpture, landscaping, gardening, architecture, antiques and farming. Possible careers that you may consider fall into banking, art, music, finance, agriculture, real estate, landscaping, architecture or conservation. You’re able to see where the opportunities are in business. And you  make the most of them, either as a financial world player or investor. Above all, you are persistent. Difficulties don’t throw you off the path. You know you have creative potential. Also, you like consistency.  It is important for you, as is security. So, you must feel safe and secure. You  like to be in charge  also.  You become very possessive of your position. So, you do not like changes. Also, you never feel you have enough to be secure. You need to learn that sometimes it is worth letting things go to open up to a rich relationship. Knowledge is your true security, not things. You have a real need for understanding from others. Also, your beliefs are often structured very rigidly. This helps you feel comforted and secure emotionally. This Venus-ruled Midheaven in signs also leads you to create beauty.
  • Positive trades: You are sure of your beliefs.  Also, you  are self-sufficient, secure, steadfast, self-supporting, persistent and loyal. You will gain inner strength through self-establishment.
  • Negative trades: You often  have trouble delegating, because you feel you have the skills to do it better. Midheaven in signs may be low self-worth, fear of failure, dependent on the validation of others and concerned about other people’s motivations.

 Midheaven in Gemini

Gemini and planets
  • The energy that Midheaven in Gemini brings –  You are adaptable. In fact, you think you can manage everything at once. It is not surprising to see you with two careers simultaneously. You  are naturally logical, and can remain calm through many emotional crises. Also, you are usually easy going. You have a strong sense of intuition that helps you be creative. Above all, you  automatically know when something will work. You have a good understanding that everything is always changing. Also, you may tend to prefer careers that use words or that deal with mental or dexterous details. Political speech writing or city planning journalism, teaching, performance, writing may be attractive. You need space to think. So, you need time to generate your ideas. Resistance usually isn’t a problem unless you cannot overcome it. You have something to tell the world. Dual characteristics of practicality and love of learning may lead you in different directions. But, at the same time, you are always improving yourself. You have an endless sense of curiosity that leads you to new discoveries. Kind of fluid intelligence can be an eye-opener to more rigid minds. This gives you an important role, as a messenger of changes in thinking. You know the true meaning of the phrase, “Knowledge is power.”
  • Positive trades:  adaptable, listening to the views of others. If you listen to both sides of every situation you will grow in knowledge, truth and wisdom. You respect diversity in all its forms. And you understand that everything is changing.
  • Negative trades: fear of appearing stupid and being tied down. You can be self-opinionated, self-righteous, defensive and tactless. You may also have difficulty in some jobs because your creativity tends to come in spurts. Midheaven in signs may potentially have difficulty communicating with authority figures.

Midheaven in CancerMidheaven in Cancer

  • The energy that Midheaven in  Cancer brings – You are sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of those around you. Also, you are good planner that can organize and direct you own life and the lives of all those around you. Midheaven in Cancer signs are natural nurturers. You are not afraid to fight for whatever you want. Above all, you believe all hardships heal with work and time. When you need to rejuvenate, Cancer Midheaven signs knows how to rest and renew themselves. You are naturally creative in everything you do. And you need a career where you can connect with those you work with, and use you intuition.You do well in a career that serves the public. You identify strongly with your career and reputation. Also, you may enter a family business. Healing, pediatrics, education, or social work may be fulfilling. You long for stability, but must instigate the change, which causes instability. It is a constant battle for you due to your Watery nature. It is more important that you connect with your career somehow rather than seek optimal success. Your imaginative gifts find a channel in the arts. And you could make a name as a translator of human emotion through your work.
  • Positive trades:  You truly care about others and want to help. You are trustworthy and likeable. Midheaven in signs come across to the public as intuitive, caring, and able to read situations on a deep level.
  • Negative trades: Creativity becomes blocked when you cannot express your thoughts and emotions. There is a fear of being independent. The one thing that can stand in you way is their hesitancy. You may make a nice big stride, then get frightened and insecure and backtrack for a while.

Midheaven in Leonatal chart

  • The energy that Midheaven in Leo brings: You have the tenacity and longevity to attain the lofty goals you aim for. Also, you know that persistence pays off. You are courageous and noble. But, you need to watch out for the possibility of becoming arrogant. You are very ambitious professionally. And you have the potential for leadership. You appear competent, even when you don’t feel you are. Also, you are known for your generosity.  You’ve got a commanding presence that works well in many fields, including government, teaching, acting, sales and management. Also, you could enjoy fun jobs like wedding or party planning, , being the big boss of your own company. You’ll enjoy cultivating a public style, and like to be in the spotlight. Above all, you automatically know what will make others feel appreciated. You can take control in a crisis. Often you offer a stability that is hard for others to find. Possible career choices may be in government, sales, acting, management, teaching or business. You enjoy being in public and building a wide swath of influence.
  • Positive trades: gaining self-confidence and self-love. Taking the spot light and following your heart’s desire. You will attract love with the enjoyment of giving. Flash, dynamism, warmth and generosity cause you to leave a lasting impression. You are highly organized and have the ability to understand the big picture as well as all the fine details.
  • Negative trades: worrying about what others think, losing sight of your achievements in the achievements of others and idealizing their accomplishments. When you get too obsessive about progressing in a certain direction, you can be very stubborn. You may also take everything too personally. Midheaven in signs can be easily insulted, because you are always looking for more meaning in every remark.

Midheaven in VirgoMidheaven in Virgo

  • The energy that Midheaven in Virgo brings: You have a naturally critical attitude. When you are balanced, you are supportive in your critiques. When you are not, it comes across as manipulative or petty. Also, you have the courage to honestly look deep into yourself and use what you learn as a guide. Your good in languages. That can direct you toward a career in science or the literary arts. Teaching may also be appealing to you. You make excellent librarians, medical personnel and may also be drawn to farming or alternative medicine. Above all, you aren’t subtle. You would rather tell you directly the crux of the matter. Also, you learn easily and question anything that doesn’t feel right. Stability is important in your career. You get the concept of simplifying. Also, you don’t need a lot of money to live well. You do well with puzzling situations because you can put all the pieces together and come up with a solution. Your work may involve healing the Earth, teaching others about the inter-dependence of systems. Also, you have a polished, sociable public persona that allows you to make good connections. You project an image of fairness and flexibility.
  • Positive trades: You take your commitments seriously. You are analytical, reliable and efficient. It is sensitivity, empathy and spiritual understanding that you will become aware . You want  to give practical assistance to those in need. Also you have the ability to see the big picture, and strive for the better.
  • Negative trades: Your weakness lies in over-analyzing. You tend to get stuck, which looks like indecision. Meditation may be helpful to quiet your mind and connect with your inner guidance. Midheaven in signs brings  inferior in abilities, overly analytical, too self-sacrificing in living up to the expectations of others.

 Midheaven  in LibraMidheaven in Libra

  • The energy that Midheaven in Libra brings – Harmony and balance are important to you.  If you can attain balance, you can attain success.  Creativity and pleasant surroundings helps you feel more in balance. Also, when you can share these things with others, you inspire those around you. Also, you have a talent for presenting yourself in a professional manner with diplomacy and charm. Careers that are good for you are administrator, arts, image consulting, decorating, law, writing, public policy or diplomacy. Integrity is important to you. You know how to communicate with almost anyone.  If you can keep a versatile attitude that lets you adjust as necessary, you will have a better chance of success.  Also, you may need to learn to balance your home life with professional life. It may be challenging to develop yourself both as an individual and as a professional without family relationships being affected.
  • Positive trades:  You are always conscious of social position. So, you see where you are and where you want to be. Also, you know how to cooperate and make excellent connections. fair play, cooperation and aware of the needs of others. When you flow in friendship or partnership, you bring harmony and balance in to relationships.
  • Negative trades: You may become withdrawn, which really irritates those you work with. When things are going well, you are full of confidence. But when things go wrong, you may become impatient or indecisive. Also, you may be too impressionable. Or, you can get yourself into situations you regret later. Also, you may tend to follow the crowd too often than trusting yourself . Midheaven in signs is  competitive, resistant to compromise, too concerned with  own fulfillment.

 Midheaven in Scorpionatal chart

  • The energy that Midheaven in Scorpio brings:  You know what you want and how to get it. So, you are self-motivated and not afraid to go after what you want. Once you decide which direction to take, you will do everything to achieve your goal and make their mark on the world. To succeed, you need a place of safety to become inspired again. So, you need to understand your own personal limits  within the wider world. Also, you understands the basic truths of existence. So, you can truly sympathize with others. And you can find the strength needed to achieve their potential. Careers that are good for you are: research, criminology, hypnosis, psychology, acting, energy healing, therapy or social science. Also, a change of career is not unexpected. You have a deep understanding of the darker side of life. So, you can skillfully maneuver through difficult situations. In conclusion, passion is what the Scorpio Midheaven is all about. So, passion must be brought to the table for you to succeed.
  • Positive trades: You are full of energy when you are motivated. Midheaven in signs do not give up easily. Above all,  you understands the basic truths of existence. You are at your prime when you  are balancing your feelings with your intellect. letting go of self-concern and stagnant strangleholds; becoming aware of other people’s values. Also, your energy flows outwards in the reunion of shared values.
  • Negative trades: You are very ambitious and motivated but, you can go too far, however, and exhaust yourself. You can easily indulge yourself  too much. And you can  become frustrated and angry when you cannot get what you want. fear of others motives, fear of the unknown and fear  of failure. Also, inward looking and blind to other people’s values. 

Midheaven in Sagittarius

Midheaven in Sagittarius
  • The energy that Midheaven in Sagittarius brings: You intuitive and reflective and like to plan everything. Also, you feel strongly about sharing your knowledge with others. And you will find the platform from which to achieve this. You  feel that you must find your place in the big picture of life. You love a bit of adventure, especially activities that require some expertise. Also, you are a great multitasker, with the ability to keep several projects going at once. You like life to be challenging, because boredom is your enemy. You  may find yourself in a leadership position that inspires others. Also, you give your best in jobs that gives you independence, travel and mental challenges. You like to work with the public in some manner. Some careers that may appeal to you include politics, religious positions, acting, sales, writing, teaching and promotion. Travel unlocks new possibilities, as you weave in cross-cultural influences, ideas, and wisdom.
  • Positive trades: You have the gift to see into the future and find the best way to get where you want to go from the present. You are expansive and open to inter-disciplinary fields. You’re the eternal student and thrive in life work that allows you to research trust your intuition; walk in your own truth. When you follow your intuition, you understand the true essence of words.
  • Negative trades: You may experience difficulties with a supervisor at some time in your career.  Or you can be placed into a situation for which you are not prepared. One issue you often seem to face with is the inability to live in the present. That is because, you are so focused on the future. mentally over stimulated, second-guessing, missing the point and wanting immediate answers. Midheaven in signs leads to misinterpretation of the facts and poor judgment.

Midheaven in CapricornCapricorn zodiac

  • The energy that Midheaven in Capricorn brings: You want to care for others and you know exactly what you can accomplish. Also, you are usually confident and able to handle almost any situation. You have an air of authority that others innately trust. You take work very seriously. And you always look before you jump. It may seem like you are ignoring others, but really, you are just focused on what you are working on. Also, you are not afraid of competition or hard work to achieve your goals. A structured career works best for you, where you can see the steps to follow to progress. You have a strong sense of duty and dedication. Responsibility and pressure come along with this. You don’t like to feel trapped in anything, even a career. So, you  may end up holding in your feelings and avoiding painful situations so you can remain objective. It would be wise to listen to the signals you get from your body. The body will tell you when to pull back and take it easy.
  • Positive trades: You want to make a positive impact on the world. Reliable and responsible, you always have something you are working on. Also, you are are practical and systematic. You’re suited to climbing personal mountains and have a heightened level of endurance to reach your goals. letting go of dependency, self-respect  and accepting responsibility. You need to define your goals and let go of past dependency. Then, you will achieve emotional security.
  • Negative trades: Circumstances that don’t make sense are true tests for you. If you try to answer these tests without understanding the big picture, you may become judgmental and bitter. Midheaven in signs is overly dependent, inability to take charge, lack of confidence, fear of rejection, self-defeating.

 Midheaven  in AquariusMidheaven in Aquarius

  • The energy that Midheaven in Aquarius brings: You love learning. And, you will study anything and everything to prove to yourself that they know what you think you know. That is also because of your  fear of appearing stupid in front of others. You are skilled at assessing new ideas and putting them into action. Contingency plans are your specialty. You are aware of that something unexpected is always likely to turn up. Also, you are cooperative and excellent team player. You are flexible and accommodating, though you are watchful about being manipulated. Also, you must have freedom iny our job. You really prefer a position that only you can perform. You are a good candidate for self-employment. But it is good only if you learn to focus and prioritize. Humanitarian causes are a favorite. You are reluctant to taking risks in career. But, to be successful, you need to learn to take chances when it is in your best interest. You may find work in medicine, social organizations, fund raising, research, finance, astronomy, fashion, engineering, design, art, music, and communication
  • Positive trades: You have confidence in your intuition and don’t let frustration or worry weigh you down. They are very inventive. You bring an unconventional attitude to your life’s work independent and humane. You can bring fairness to friendship and recognize that others are special. Freedom in friendship for you is the ultimate trust in love.
  • Negative trades: You have a fear of appearing stupid in front of others. You may come across as arrogant or spend too much time on trivial things.  independent, detached, aloof, fear of loss of freedom, resists social pressure,  a need to feel socially accepted.

Midheaven  in Pisces signsPisces and planets

  •  The energy that Midheaven in Pisces brings – You very susceptible to outside influences and will wait and see what happens. You just follow your own time table. But some people think you are unstable . You are very sensitive to psychic energies. These energies may come to you through channeling, intuition or feelings. This psychic ability will you compassion, inspiration and a spiritual perception. You  know what you want to achieve. But you lack practicality. When you do make a decision, it will be based on your emotions. You understand your own needs. So,you  need alone time to center yourself and get ready to face next challenge. Your creativity comes out when you are serving others with compassion. Ideally, you must get to the root of understanding. Illusion and reality must be explored.   While you are still exploring your options, you may find yourself exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually. Once you hit the bottom, your path may become suddenly clear to you. Possible careers for you  are music, theater, film, healing arts, or literature.
  • Positive trades: You are very sensitive. connected to the universe , trusting of the process in Universe. If you transform the negative into the positive you will be able to provide a service for others through empathy. You have compassion and understanding for others.
  • Negative trades: You are very sensitive to psychic energies. And it can disruptyour activities. Avoiding fear and pain doesn’t help you. Midheaven in signs tend to overthink everything. Just as sensitivity can be a strength, so it can be a weakness. excessive worry, compulsive need for order, overly analytical, victim of your own negative imagination.









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