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In December/December, retrograde Mars will be in a sextile with Chiron, slowing down impulsive Aries but having a positive role in money management. Thoughtful and long-planned purchases will be the most successful. In addition to desirable assets, spending on travel is a favorable period. Also, this month, dedicate yourself to car repairs and things in the house. Finally, invest in your health, especially in recreation.

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Saturn from December 2 and can slow financial flows for Taurus-borns. Confidence and steadfastness await you. However, reasonable savings can bring you tremendous success. The first half of December is favorable for furnishing the house and buying furniture. Harmonizing space can have a beneficial effect on relationships.

December will be a period of calm and stability for Gemini, especially in the financial sphere. In the first half of the month, the horoscope does not recommend making cardinal decisions related to money and large financial transactions. From December 6 to 10, Mercury forms a square with Jupiter, which will cause large transactions at work difficult. The rest of the time, Gemini is insured against risks and delays in business. The most successful will be purchases related to modern technologies.

In December, Cancer’s worries about finances will be greatly exaggerated. Yet, under challenging circumstances, one should not lose optimism. Pleasant New Year monetary surprises await you. Financial support is possible even when your situation seems hopeless. In addition, two ideal shopping periods in December will help Cancer cheer up. December 5 to 7 is the best time to buy white goods and furniture, and December 24 to 29 are good days to buy clothes, jewelry, and New Year’s gifts for loved ones.

In December, Leo will need a more significant amount of money, but funds will be limited them. The meeting of great desire and opportunity will strengthen the square of dreamy Neptune and Jupiter. As a result, some plans will have to be postponed. Try to avoid loans. A business partner or client may help through an investment. In the last days of December 2022, the Sun-Moon trine will be a lucky aspect for family shopping.


They will have to choose between saving and desired consumption. Stars only recommend earning now if you have kept something because it is worth saving for the future. Virgos who go on business trips can achieve more. In the last decade of the month, the harmonious aspects of Mercury with Neptune and Venus are ideal for buying things related to beauty and care.

In December, Venus squares Jupiter and Neptune, which can seduce even the most experienced Libra. Some news related to money can turn out to be fake. Please only take the information seriously once you know its authenticity. Then, when the situation changes, dedicate yourself to yourself, and take care of yourself and your beauty and health; it’s worth investing in.

Financial preoccupation encourages many Scorpios to sacrifice rest for work. But fortunately, December is one of the most fruitful periods in terms of profits; in addition, new benefits and opportunities may appear. At the same time, it is necessary to solve family problems. Therefore, the month is favorable for buying small things for the home. In the middle of the month, from December 13, a tense aspect to Pluto and Lilith can bring less turbulence.

Sagittarius will have the most luck in December. Realization of ideas related to a parallel source of income or part-time work. The self-employed can earn more. From December 20, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, enters Aries, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. An enterprising Sagittarius has an increased ability to sell things and ideas. For expenses, don’t waste money on unnecessary trifles.

December is a good month for real estate, mortgage, insurance, and inheritance transactions. There is no risk in handling large quantities. From December 2 to 6, the Venus-Saturn trine indicates the pleasure of buying beautiful and valuable things. From December 12 to 18, the trine of the warm Sun with cold Saturn will become a source of positive solar energy for Capricorn. Successful purchases of essential things for the home are possible.

During December, Aquarians will have to keep secrets. There is a high probability of receiving and leaking important information. Discussing personal financial matters in the presence of people you do not trust is not recommended. From December 17 to 25, 2022, the trine of Uranus with the planets with the most money – Venus and Mercury – will bring a sense of joy to Aquarians. During this period, monetary fireworks and other New Year’s surprises await you. Good spending on the room decoration.

Those born under the sign of Pisces can make someone happy with material support and, of course, gifts. And a favorable aspect with the brightest star Fomalhaut of the southern constellation of Pisces, will shower all Piscean efforts with brilliant brilliance from December 3 to 5, 2022. Favorable costs for new projects, travel, the opening of crafts, organizing presentations and celebrations. Prosperous aspects of Neptune with money planets occur from December 25 until the end of the month. This is an excellent time to buy things with the energy of water, which will later have a harmonious effect on the home.


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