Monthly horoscope for December 2023

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This December, expect to face new challenges as you reflect on your regrets and restore your energy ahead of the new year. Focus on building your structured, long-term game plan as Mercury begins its short stay in methodical and mature Capricorn on Dec. 1.
A new perspective pertaining to your goals will dawn on you under the new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 12. Avoid being too idealistic or tactless here; otherwise, Mercury’s frustrating retrograde, which begins on Dec. 13, will reveal the gaps in your plan.

The Sun makes its big entrance into ambitious and mature Capricorn on Dec. 21, but this Capricorn season will be laden with worries and self-critique, throwing you off balance. Moments of solitude will allow you to review your concerns and get grounded.

Mercury retrograde re-emerges in Sagittarius on Dec. 23, inviting you to reconsider the thoughts and opinions you’ve previously shared without deeper thought or restraint. Don’t allow your rigid beliefs and judgment to obstruct you from connecting with others, especially under the full moon in Cancer on Dec. 26, which calls for emotional closure and optimistic endings to sensitive matters.

Once asteroid Chiron — which represents your inner wounds — regains its momentum in self-assured Aries on Dec. 26, commend yourself for your valiant efforts to heal your deepest insecurities. Your life could take a positive turn, aligning you with friends and lovers who are eager to share adventures with you, thanks to Venus’s next move through explorative Sagittarius from Dec. 29.

Keep an open mind and attitude toward new experiences; Jupiter retrograde reaches its end in Taurus on Dec. 30, insisting that you do not revert back to cautious and fearful patterns.


Your aspirational approach to setting new career goals won’t be enough to steer you toward new heights in December. If you do not take the time to carefully examine your weaknesses, you won’t hit your benchmarks, Aries. Pay special attention to beliefs and fears that hold you back. Ease into December’s productive flow, and continue to tend to the building blocks of your growing dreams. It may sound boring, but the more time and effort you dedicate to the planning stages, the greater your success will be.

Though you may not feel confident in the progression of your love life, don’t let anxious feelings run amok. It’s not your job to worry about how the present might impact the future. Live in the moment, Taurus, and enjoy every second of affection, care, and intimate pleasure shared with your nearest and dearest. The more you allow yourself to open up about your deepest feelings, the more you will heal and attract the commitment you desire through your optimism and faith. Trust that your loved ones will nurture you in the right direction.


Gemini, be careful about joint financial decisions made in December, especially if you are experiencing moments of frustration and uncertainty in your relationships. Getting involved in contractual obligations with a friend, frenemy, or lover will amplify your troubles as Mercury’s disruptive retrograde stirs up confusion from Dec. 13. The temptation to throw yourself completely into your work will offer momentary distractions and fill you with passion and purpose. Make sure that you assess potential risks when getting involved in heated workplace competition or a steamy office romance.

A lack of confidence in your career will prompt you to consider whether your hard work is converting into desirable results. Don’t beat yourself with harsh self-critique, Cancer. A detour may be just what you need to gather inspiration and motivation. Your love life is heating up this December, and you may be enticed by an all-consuming romance. Don’t trust people too soon; premature attachments could lead to heartbreak if you and your date have different expectations.

Moved by a deep desire to mend your relationships, you will offer those who have disappointed you a chance to redeem themselves. You don’t need to let down your guard completely in order to forgive, but you must be genuine in your intentions to rebuild bonds. Don’t agree to make up if you cannot release your attachment to the past. New whirlwind romances await and you will be glad you kept your standards high. Have fun while dating but don’t think too far into the future.

Regrets may disturb your inner peace in December, challenging you to hold yourself accountable without being excessively harsh over your mistakes. Be kind to yourself as you process your feelings and assess whether matters are as serious as they seem. The dissolution of a dream may be the perfect opening for your next venture. Preoccupied with worries and doubt, you may struggle to share your perspective. Speak from the heart, and you will command a lot of respect.

As you begin a new, introspective journey, explore your changing attitudes and moral principles. Consider if your previous stances still ring true for you. Tempted to spoil yourself with quiet luxuries as Venus reigns over your financial life from Dec. 4, you must put your needs first, ignoring fears of being perceived as selfish. Find breakthroughs with the feelings that prevent you from seeing your potential, and you could achieve satisfying professional milestones.

Good news, Scorpio! Passionate Venus arrives in your zodiac sign on Dec. 4, bestowing you with a powerful and seductive magnetism. Use your allure to your advantage and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet, charming them with your mystery and sex appeal. As the month progresses, you may reconsider whether you have made mature decisions concerning your finances and self-care. Avoid taking an overly optimistic approach to spending when your sight is set on lavish experiences and adventures.

Finding the right words to articulate your feelings could put pressure on your relationships. Handle love-related matters privately; you may find it easier to address problems without the influence of your surroundings. If you do not feel understood, avoid letting moments of difficulty sour your relationships entirely. On Dec. 12, the new moon in your sign offers some relief and a boost of optimism and confidence. Trust yourself enough to initiate the process of healing and closure. Others will follow your lead.

If you feel unprepared for the challenges life throws in your direction, take this as a sign to slow down, rest, and reflect. Allow yourself to authentically open up to new friends, and keep your eye open for romantic opportunities through mutual contacts. December also brings huge potential for finding peace with a frenemy if you are willing to put aside your differences and show compassion.

A sudden burst of inspiration and aspiration could whisk you away into unrealistic fantasies. Be careful not to set yourself up for failure; make plans on solid ground, and seek guidance from those who truly know what they’re talking about. Moments in the spotlight will teach you to protect your privacy. Re-evaluate the information you share about yourself, in person and online, to avoid obsessive admirers who project their jealousy and negativity onto you.

Deep reconsiderations over your career and releasing attachments to past relationships will tempt you toward extreme solutions for temporary feelings. Catching a flight or signing up for a new course of study might not resolve your troubles. As your thirst for discovery grows more intense, find fulfillment through riveting conversations with people who have different points of view and deep dives into philosophy and your personal values. Your exploration could pull you in an exciting direction.

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