Monthly horoscope for July 2023

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At the beginning of the month, the full Moon in Capricorn awaits us, which brings vital energy and the will to change the things holding us back. Also, in the middle of the month, the New Moon in the sign of Cancer awaits us, and the nodes of the moon change. There is also retrograde Venus in Leo, which penetrates with its energy into many hearts, opens them, and directs them to more profound love.


The month ahead of you is ideal for a vacation because you must get away from everything. Whoever can rest, those who work will mostly do what they have to do and can’t wait to go home where they will feel the best. Fortunately, your love life will be pretty satisfactory all month.


A series of contacts and communications will encourage you to get started and expand your horizons. Many will travel to shorter destinations, often for work. Relatives you have not seen for a long time may visit you. Distance will prevail in personal relationships; those alone will have mostly superficial contact.


Several good earning opportunities are likely to encourage you to engage in work. Some may skip or postpone their planned vacation. Personal relationships will be good, and if you are still looking for a soul mate, you will find it easiest and fastest by traveling. There will also be some financial calculations that will give you a headache, but you will solve them.


You will be marked in some way for most of this month. Many eyes will be on you, and more will be expected of you than others. That’s why you will focus on your goals and ideals and give your best. Sometimes you will be too tired from everything, but your life, in every way, will be vibrant.


With a good wind at your back regarding love, you will glow and burn wherever you go. Many will want you in their company. Those in relationships will be happy. Everything else will be less important to you at the moment. You will even tend to sweep things under the rug, which is uncharacteristic. Those not on annual leave will work just enough to do what they need to do.


For most of this month, you will be strongly connected to other people you love and spend most of your free time with friends. Sometimes you will need to differentiate between your loved one and your company. You will do well in business; someone might even praise you. You will also explore meditation techniques.


You will be doing yourself and your partner a good deed if you lower your expectations to a reasonable level. Even though you love each other, circumstances will not always go your way this month. The pressure at work will increase, new challenges are ahead of you, and you will be eager for peace and rest. You will have to balance, but you know that well.


Minor frustrations will not extinguish the optimism you will experience if you are open to the world of new ideas and different customs. Many will get the chance to take the trip they’ve always wanted, so don’t let anything stop them from going. Personal returns will be solid but could be better. You will have enough strength and faith in a better tomorrow.


This month, the need to change everything around you and in you will strengthen. Because of this, some might speed things up and do some stupid stuff. It is essential to first look at where you are jumping and only then jump. Personal relationships will be high quality, and your partner will be your best support and advisor in your endeavors.


A series of planets opposing your sign will make this month busy and ideal for a vacation. Follow your inner voice that tells you to stop for a while. In general, you stand well. Personal relationships will also be solid. You will think a lot about how others accept you. Don’t bother too much. Relax.


You are likely the colleague who replaces the other while he rests. Therefore, this month you will have more tasks than usual. Depending on the type of work, some will work from morning to tomorrow, while others will still manage to pretend to work for two. At the same time, a slight distance will prevail in your relationship because the love planets do not support you. Hold on.


Ahead of you is a month of vibrant social life. Almost every day, there will be opportunities for outings and parties where you will be one of the main stars. In such circumstances, you will easily find a soulmate. Some might even fall in love. It will also be fun at work. You will have the opportunity to show how creative you are.


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