Monthly horoscope for November 2022

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A significant aspect in November is undoubtedly the full moon and the eclipse, which will be strong and bring substantial changes. Emotions are powerful during this aspect and should be kept under control. Later in the month, Mercury and Venus move into the sign of Sagittarius, and since Mars is retrograde, it will be a turbulent period for some characters.


LOVE: This will be a delightful month for you with many exciting events. Your partner could surprise you with a trip or a short vacation. Some new loves will end old relationships and free you from the desire for someone who has long been out of your life.

CAREER: A very successful period, but with a lot of struggle.

HEALTH: Problems with teeth and bones.


LOVE: You are possessive and require complete commitment from your partner, which can be a tremendous pressure and lead to a series of misunderstandings. New acquaintances and loves smile at free bulls from the second half of the month.

CAREER: Speak the language of diplomacy because that’s the only way to avoid conflicts. Wrong decisions and hasty moves can affect your position’s further course and outcome.

HEALTH: It will be tough for you to bear the cold and the tendency to catch colds.


LOVE: New loves interrupt old ones and bring chaos into your life. Just make sure you don’t hurt anyone more than you have to in all this. If you are in a permanent relationship or marriage, it will be hard for you to listen to unreasonable dissatisfaction. You need to talk.

CAREER: There are limitations in realizing some plans related to higher earnings. Make sure all the information you have is correct.

HEALTH: Beware of fractures and viral infections.


LOVE: Some will return to old pets, and some will recognize the outlines of an old love in new ones. Regardless, this will be the month when your emotions finally get the amount of love they want.

CAREER: You are slowly but surely moving forward and have already crossed over to the other side of the bridge. There is still a little time left for you to completely free yourself and enter the sphere when you no longer have to worry about existence. Therefore, do not experiment at all.

HEALTH: You will be prone to stress and depression.


LOVE: This is the month of final decisions in many marriages and long relationships. New opportunities and love are coming your way, be ready for them.

CAREER: If you are engaged in private business or are a vital person in a team, this is a very successful period and brings you material and social satisfaction, but on the condition that you include all available human resources.

HEALTH: Prevalent problems with joints and immunity.


LOVE: A private party, celebrating someone’s birthday, or a wedding could be a place to meet interesting people who can brighten up your everyday life. If you are in a long-term relationship or marriage, you will be most beautiful away from the public eye, in an intimate atmosphere.

CAREER: Meetings, conversations, and contacts will be crucial for your job at the beginning of this month. Finally, the stars are smiling at you. Effort, effort, and waiting will pay off.

HEALTH: It’s time to see a doctor for respiratory problems.


LOVE: Some family issues and interpersonal relationships may affect your love life because they will cause you to put private plans on the back burner. If you are single, you can meet someone who will influence your life in very unusual circumstances at the beginning of the month.
CAREER: You will finally receive the raise you have been waiting for a long time this month, which opens up new opportunities for further progress.

HEALTH: Your condition is frail; work on your body.


LOVE: Fateful acquaintances are on the horizon. You won’t like it at first, but with time it will become better than you expected.

CAREER: You are intolerant of co-workers. Poor communication can put you in awkward situations where you must make excuses. You are full of enthusiasm and new ideas, but sometimes you must listen to someone with more experience—tip: Possible traffic problems with the police and state institutions.

HEALTH: You will feel improvement, and your health problems will calm down.


LOVE: You feel a drop in life energy and a great need for solitude, which your partner can misinterpret. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, talk about them.

CAREER: In this area of ​​life, everything is the same as before. There is no progress, either for the better or, the worse than it is now. At some point, you will need the help of people in high positions to make everything go smoothly.

HEALTH: Lung and respiratory problems.


LOVE: You are tormented by jealousy, poor communication with your partner, and lack of free time together, and it will be like this until the middle of this month, when your love relationship will improve significantly. If you are single

any possibilities and undefined relationships await you, and a secret relationship is also possible.

CAREER: You can realize everything you want and plan, but it will take you more than one month.

HEALTH: You are exposed to too much stress.


LOVE: You pay too much attention to what you did for the benefit of your relationship, without realistically looking at your partner’s merits. A somewhat selfish relationship can cause disappointment or problems with a partner. On the other hand, some long-standing friendships could turn into love this month.

CAREER: You leave nothing to chance and are very determined to live up to the reputation you have earned through work. Do not fall for the provocations of the jealous.

HEALTH: Pay more attention to cardiovascular problems.


LOVE: Your wishes are out of line with reality, and your daydreams could endanger everyday life. You perceive your partner’s responsibilities and obligations as a lack of emotions, love, and attention, and you know very well that this is not the case. If you are single, one colleague can become an unfulfilled wish.

CAREER: This an agitated period because more and more is expected of you, and you will have to manage as you know how. You have been dissatisfied for a long time. Wait for the end of the month when many circumstances will be in your favor.

HEALTH: You will feel well, except for more frequent headaches that will disturb you.

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