Monthly horoscope for September 2023.

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At the beginning of the month, retrograde Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo bring strained love relationships. In the middle of the month, the New Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo will prompt thoughts about past actions and what you can change. This especially applies to family relationships. At the end of the month, Mercury emerges from Virgo’s retrograde shadow, which definitely triggers more enthusiasm and self-confidence.


You act ambitiously and care about making a good impression on your business partners. You will be able to skillfully use your abilities and different business formulas, which should bring results. This is a favorable period for achieving business and financial success, so you must make good assessments and choices. From September 20, you will gain long-lost contacts and sympathy and start better relationships. Your love life will be ahead of you.


Even though you feel tired from previously successfully realized jobs, you will still apply this successful formula to new jobs and financial endeavors. You do not hide high emotional expectations from your loved one. You need to change the established rhythm and completely satisfy your loved one.


You act wisely and confidently while preparing a new business strategy. During this period, Gemini will be surrounded by successful people. You have a lot of energy and will to improve your business and material status. In your love life or relationship with a loved one, you act energetically but get attention from the side. Single members of this sign are in for a big surprise at the end of the month.


After a long period of anticipation, Cancer expects expansion in the business sphere from mid-September. It is important to maintain the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions and the ability to observe well. Cancers wish for a contemporary romance, a passionate and exciting relationship, and an escape from boring everyday life. You attract the attention of the opposite sex more quickly than usual and enjoy contact. September brings you new joys, optimism, and happy circumstances that accompany you.


You may make mistakes due to a drop in concentration and lack of time, which cannot significantly damage your reputation and professional progress. In the middle of the month, improvements in the field of finances await you; a raise is possible… There is a possibility that you will enter into a secret relationship with someone, which leads to the risk of hurting someone. It would help if you direct your thoughts and feelings in a positive direction.


You have an excellent opportunity to prove your professional abilities in the company of business partners. Some side events at work can interfere with your daily duties. In love, you feel you are ahead of your partner if you have one, as well as the lack of support. This can make you disappointed in your love life, especially if you are not sure of the right choice of partner.


It would help if you quickly accepted the average norms imposed by your environment. On the financial front, you will have the opportunity to increase your earnings in the middle of the month. Lead an active social life and enjoy the finer side of life. In a relationship, you may have disagreements with your partner. It is essential to stay positive and open to any news.


Ahead of you is a period of active work and good opportunities, during which you impose new tasks on yourself and burden yourself. At the end of the month, recognition for your appointment will arrive. In love relationships, you need greater emotional attention and dedication. In this period, love adventures are possible for free and engaged members of this sign. Nevertheless, this is a period of emphasized optimism, energy, courage, caution, and moderation.


In this period, it is important to consider business and financial goals with your partners or trusted people. It would help if you had support to achieve some set financial goals. This is a period of emotional fulfillment for members of this sign, so they reap the fruits of the previous period in the sphere of love relationships. It would help if you oriented yourself towards longer-term goals and more permanent values.


You may act exclusively or make high demands, especially in business relationships. Around September 25, you can expect a more positive climate for professional progress; at the end of the month, you can expect trips. You need to help understand your partner and his wishes. An unusual romance is ahead for single members of the sign. September will be the month in which your emotions will trigger positive thoughts and actions.


You are in a creative phase and have enough energy and intentions to improve your business and material status. You need to precisely define your professional goals and gather around you reliable collaborators. This is a very favorable period for you, both in terms of business progress and emotional relationships. Since you have enough energy, you only need to direct it in the desired direction.

You care about improving your overall status. You’ve been searching for the proper tactic but have yet to find a solution. Chances for increased success on all personality levels will occur at the end of the month. In relations with your partner, you show impatience and impulsiveness. Already in the middle of the month, there is an improvement in love relationships.


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