Natal Ascendant in The Signs

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Many people ask: What is a sign? Subsign or Ascendant (As or Asc) is the name for the sign in the east at the time of your birth. The sub-sign makes people wearing the same zodiac sign different regarding temperament, preferences, traits, desires, and ambitions. It talks about your appearance, behavior, and how the environment accepts you. The Ascendant (subsign) is essential because it complements the meaning of your primary sign and because an accurate natal horoscope can be made with an accurately calculated ascendant. Ascendant – sign determines the position of the 12 houses of the horoscope.

The sign or Ascendant in Aries says that you are temperamental, attractive, and well-received by the environment. You don’t like lies and scheming; you are attracted to cheerful people. You have a big heart, and you are always on the go. This Ascendant makes people who have it in their horoscope perfect leaders. I can manage myself and others well and lead many actions and tasks. They love independence and are happy only when everything is under control. Their desire to be in charge of everything and to ask about everything is apparent. They are ambitious and enterprising and often stubborn. They express themselves very clearly and beautifully. They are interested, lively, and exciting. They respect the scientific opinion and are almost philosophers. They do not lose courage quickly and have strong and penetrating willpower. They are the best when quick action, determination, organizational activities, and abilities are required. The ruling planet is Mars.

Physical appearance: medium height, thin build, oblong face and neck, ruddy complexion, broad head, broad forehead. They often have a mark or scar on their head or face. Thick eyelashes, sharp gaze, gray or greyish-brown eyes. Curly or wavy hair that varies from dark to light brown. Mental abilities: ambition, activity, energy, courage, initiative, impulsiveness, ingenuity. You are thin but muscular and usually have thick hair and thick eyebrows.

The sign or Ascendant in Taurus makes you calm, good-natured, and sober. You are patient and persistent; you are not prone to sudden reactions. You are incredibly charming, attractive, and likable; people love and respect you. This Ascendant indicates a person who is steadfast and capable of working hard to satisfy his personal goals. She is mild and pleasant until someone provokes her, but “furious like a bull” when someone steps on her. Primarily calm, dogmatic, and sometimes secretive, that is, reserved regarding her affairs. However, this person has a lot of hidden strength and energy. She is practical and has organizational skills. She is honest and trustworthy. He loves pleasures of all kinds and enjoys the beauty of nature and the arts. She has magnetism and can calm everyone around her with her presence or gentle words. She is attentive and persistent and able to finish everything she starts. He has a distinct need and luck to acquire money and wealth. She is the best in all executive jobs. This is a vital temperament. All affairs related to the country are under her control and bring her success. The planet Venus is the ruler.

Physical appearance: Short or medium height, usually recognized by broad shoulders. They have a square face and a square body structure. They have a short, muscular neck, broad forehead, full nose, lips, and cheeks. Dark eyes, wavy hair, dark and sometimes wholly curly. Round and striking looks. They have strong, short, and wide palms. Mental abilities: prudence, pride, and ambition. Expressed need for opportunities: they are friendly, sympathetic, and often well-liked in society, but sometimes they can be unreasonable, stubborn, and full of prejudices. When they are angry, nothing can stop them in their rage. They are often slow but still good workers. Lower types can be lazy and promiscuous. You have beautiful and regular facial features; you are a big gourmand.

The sign or Ascendant in Gemini gives you the power of communication and a cheerful spirit. You are a great entertainer; society adores you, and you like to be constantly on the move. You are intelligent; you hate monotony. Your broad and sincere smile always gets you out of awkward situations. A person with this sign is ambitious, unusual, curious, loves research and experiments, active and able to deal with many things simultaneously, sympathetic and intuitive, sensual and imaginative, and an idealist who loves all mental and intellectual activities. Shows interest in adventure, pleasure, fun, and learning. When she doesn’t have enough time to finish what she started, she becomes nervous and full of patience and excitement. She likes change because any inactivity makes her anxious and impatient. As a rule, the Gemini ascendant gives brilliant people progressive, inventive, distinct conversational and literal abilities. They are best in those jobs that provide them with many different activities, where both brain and hands will be constantly busy. They are the best in the field of education and writing of any kind. This is mental temperament. The ruling planet is Mercury.

Physical appearance: Tall, rigid, but delicate figure, fast, energetic step, long arms and fingers, an oblong face, delicate features, thin nose, sanguine and pale complexion, light or greyish eyes with a glance, dark hair, usually brown. Mental abilities: They learn quickly, they love reading and writing, and in principle, they can be well-educated and eloquent. They are lively and inventive, inclined towards music, painting, drawing, languages, games and dance, travel, and research. Sometimes they are shy but nervous and tireless. You have an athletic build, broad shoulders, and regular facial features.


The sign or Ascendant in Cancer makes you a gentle and sensitive person who likes to care for others. Home and family are important to you. Sometimes you are shy and don’t like to stand out. You often change your mood, and in love relationships, you love selflessly. Changeable, sensitive, and usually withdrawn people have a fertile imagination; they are sometimes sentimental, talkative, and full of understanding for others; they adore home and family; they have exceptional memory, especially for historical events. Hard-working, economic people constantly worry that they will not achieve enough or provide for themselves financially. Fear of ridicule or criticism makes them discreet, diplomatic, and conventional people. Their emotions are intense. They enjoy romantic and unusual events and adventures. They have psychological and interpersonal skills, can concentrate well, and adapt to their environment. Very often, they turn to other people’s wishes and needs. This is a vital temperament. The ruling planet is the Moon.

Physical appearance: They are not particularly tall; they are prone to obesity and are recognized by their heavy weight. They have a round face, plump cheeks, and sometimes a double chin. Most often, they have a small, almost childlike nose. Their eyes are gray or light blue. They have broad shoulders and tiny legs, and arms. Mental abilities: They like all news, change, and travel, as well as public life. They are possessive, considerate, and careful with money. They are likable but changeable people. As a rule, they show specific occult abilities. So you have a round, chubby face, a dreamy look, and sensual lips.

Sign or Ascendant in Leo gives you self-confidence; you like to be at the center of attention. You are proud and vain; it is easy to offend you. This is a good, philosophical, noble, and kind-hearted person, but also a snob. These people are honest, free, open, independent, impulsive, and strong. They are faithful, strong, and optimistic; they are energetic, expeditious, and vital regarding their interests. They are philanthropic, charitable, loyal, conscientious, adaptive, inventive, and intuitive. They love power and command, are prevalent in society, and are often leaders. They get angry quickly but forgive quickly. Although they have high ideals, they are best suited to jobs that require responsibility, authority, and executive ability. This is a sign ruled by the Sun.

Physical appearance: This person has broad shoulders and strong bones. She is muscular. She is tall, but her upper body is better developed than her lower one. Thick hair, wavy, almost always light, with a tendency towards baldness. Firm and round head, gray eyes, ruddy complexion. Mental abilities: Ambitious, noble, respectful, sincere, kind-hearted, conscientious, fearless, impulsive, worships power and fame, egocentric, loves art, optimist. Your head is a little bigger than your body; you have thick hair. The upper part of the body is more developed than the lower part; you are slender.

Sign or Ascendant in Virgo makes you a shy, discreet, and even cold person. You do not open up quickly in front of others because you are suspicious and cautious. This person is modest, conservative, and thoughtful. Virgos show a strong tendency to acquire goods, but they cannot be said to be misers in any case. They are active, but they need a lot to be satisfied. They learn successfully and quickly. They are durable and solid, which makes it impossible to estimate their age. They always find a reason for worry and excessive apprehension, which comes from their sensitivity to others and to the environment in which they live. They pay a lot of attention to details, what is it about. Although they look out for their interests in everything, they will not neglect other people, making them very diplomatic, tactful, and reasonable. They are economical and practical and always work and think with restraint. People with this sign avoid all kinds of narcotics, alcohol, and meat food as much as possible because they are usually hypochondriacs and take great care of their health. This may be why many Virgos are involved in medicine or some form of hygiene. The ruler of this sign is Mercury.

Physical appearance: These people are of average height or slightly above average and are well-built. They have an oval face, dark hair, eyes, and complexion. Their noses are regular, and their firm and energetic gait recognize them. Mental abilities: they love to learn, have an active mind, and have excellent cognitive abilities. They can be very critical of others. They are thoughtful, systematic, and sometimes cynical. Sometimes they need to be more precise. You have delicate facial features, a prominent chin, a regular nose, and a straight head that is always neat and well-groomed.

A sign or Ascendant in Libra makes you smile, Ugo is down, and friends always surround the cheerful person. You are charming and polished. People with the sign of Libra love justice, order, peace, and harmony and are very dear and loved. They get angry quickly but lose their anger even faster. They love beauty in all forms. They tend to live lavishly, and they enjoy the company of famous, powerful and famous people. They are practical, sympathetic, and noble. These are trustworthy people. They are idealists, very often artists. They are adaptable, constructive, and intuitive. Although ambitious, these people need more time to be ready to cross over the dead to achieve their goals. Although such brilliant minds do not characterize this sign as Gemini and Virgo, Libra is greatly helped by its intuition. The best jobs are those where a fashion designer, designer, or art critic can show off their refined taste.

Physical appearance: Libras, in general, and women with this subsign, are considered the most feminine and handsome women of all horoscope signs. They are very nicely built, with pronounced curves, and a tendency towards obesity in later years. Hair varies from black to brown, while eyes are brown or blue. Greek nose, round or oval face with regular features, often with dimples in the cheeks. They have a beautiful complexion and a youthful appearance. Mental abilities: A strong sense of observation and comparison makes these people imaginative, humane, and artistically inclined. These people are constantly in love but also loved. They are changeable; they enjoy company and entertainment. They like to follow the latest fashion in everything and be in “hot” places. They love to dress nicely and wear luxurious and expensive jewelry. You are adorned with regular facial features, harmonious body structure, full lips, and large eyes.

Sign or Ascendant in Scorpio makes you an intelligent and penetrating person with an apparent attitude. You openly express your views and do not care about the opinions of others. Reserved, tense and secretive, people with this sign can sometimes be suspicious and sarcastic. On the other hand, they are energetic and quick, both in words and action; they are solid and positive. Even though they are sometimes rude, timid, and headstrong, they can have many wonderful friends. They have a sense of entrepreneurship that can enable them to achieve high achievements and success. If necessary, they achieve their goals with a strong will or simply by force. They have constructive solid, and destructive powers. They like to travel and investigate mysterious and occult phenomena and events. Nature has made them exceptional detectives, bosses, chemists, and surgeons. The ruling planet is Pluto.

Physical appearance: Average height or slightly shorter, often have a square face and body, thick dark hair, curly or wavy. Exceptional perceptive qualities characterize them. They resemble the Jewish type of nose and profile. The complexion is moist. Mental Abilities: Quick, critical, and penetrating mind. A sharp judge. He has a strong will and a fixed life path ahead, which he chooses and does not deviate from. It is a subtle spirit that is difficult to influence. He is brave, energetic, and active, but only about his interests. It becomes lazy, uninterested, and indolent when it is not like that. People with this combination can be very unpleasant because they sometimes enjoy torturing others. They are very successful sailors, officials, businessmen, or salespeople who sell liquids; they are also good surgeons and butchers. You have exceptional charisma, the energy you radiate, a piercing gaze, and a thin, compressed mouth.

The sign or Ascendant in Sagittarius makes you a famous and friendly person. You are open to new experiences and prefer to be active. This person is cheerful, exceptional, noble, merciful, and full of hope and goodwill toward others. He loves freedom and independence and will not allow anyone to interfere in his life or affairs. People with this sign are often witty and in a good mood. They are honest, fearless, impulsive, and open but also nervous. They are ambitious, simple, quick to conclude, and fast to make decisions. They are possessive and intuitive, especially in love. They are tireless in their work, which often worries and burdens them. People with Sagittarius in their sign pay a lot of attention to religious customs, they love sports, and whenever possible, they practice it, even though it is a hobby. They love animals and travel. I can practice law, medicine, and philosophy. This sign could be better in commercial affairs because it makes people aggressive and intolerant. The ruling planet is Jupiter.

Physical appearance: tall, prominent, well-built people. They usually have an oblong or oval face, a round forehead, expressive blue or greenish eyes, and a clear complexion, while their hair is brown (until it falls out), and the risk of baldness for people with this sign is high. Mental abilities: This is an active and enterprising type. He is likable and humane but sometimes impulsive. He likes to travel and do all kinds of sports outdoors. He also wants to learn very much, which is not difficult for him. You are tall and athletic, with broad shoulders. Slim. You have a very harmonious body.

Subsign or Ascendant in Capricorn makes you cautious, restrained, and even skeptical. You are serious, responsible, and ambitious. It is a serious, calm, thoughtful, and contemplative nature characterized by dignity and turning to traditional values. People with this sign are careful, active, and economical, so they take action only after adequately evaluating it. The rule “measure a hundred times, cut once” applies to them. They can work long and hard without being discouraged. Without complaining, they can push various worries and problems behind their backs, especially at work. They have organizational skills and the power to handle even the most complicated business projects. They have a hard time showing their feelings both when they are sad and when they are happy. They will only make a promise if they can keep it. They are hardworking, respect religion and show an interest in theology. If Saturn, the ruler of this sign, is in bad aspects with other planets, people with this combination may have a difficult life. They do well in land-related affairs, as well as in matters of large corporations and public activities.

Physical Appearance: Short or medium height. Most often, irregular gait, predisposition to rheumatism, and knee injuries. Sometimes they are skinny. They have a long and somehow accentuated nose, a short neck, and black or dark hair, often very sparse. Most often, they are not beautiful. Mental abilities: They are self-possessed and persistent in their intentions, but they are ambitious and reserved. They are mentally fertile, changeable, and inconsistent. They show a great desire for power, wealth, and societal position. You are incredibly slender, even bony in your youth. You have dreamy eyes and a sleepy absent look.

The Sign or Ascendant in Aquarius makes you a witty and engaging person. People love your company. You have many interests and hobbies. Calmness, patience, and non-destructiveness – are the qualities of people with Aquarius as a sign. They are also almost always inclined to philosophy or higher-order thinking. They are humane and refined; they love music and all arts without exception. They are reasonable and thoughtful. They have a good memory, have clear ideas about life, and handle facts well. All types of mental or intellectual work are incredibly pleasing to them. However, people with the Aquarius sign, like many other signs, have love, power, and dignity. They like reforms of all kinds and constantly work with progressive but revolutionary ideas. They are good-natured, kind, and noble. In a way, they are unique personalities, sometimes a bit strange for their surroundings. They can be exceptional friends. They have literary skills and an inventive spirit. The ruling planet is Uranus.

Physical appearance: They are of medium build, plump and stable. They show a tendency towards obesity at a later age. They have a clean complexion, and their faces are usually oval or oblong. Hair varies from light tones to completely dark. Most often, people with this sign look lovely and are attractive to the opposite sex. Mental abilities: They are intelligent and have excellent memory. They have exceptional powers of concentration and invest a lot in their own and other people’s education. They are kind and humane and know how to control themselves. They can be excellent physicists or electrical technicians. They have many friends. You are lean and muscular, with stronger hips. As a result, you tend to gain weight.

The sign or Ascendant in Pisces makes you a tender, sensitive and romantic person. You have many friends; they respect you and enjoy your company. People with this sign are gentle, severe, and full of trust. They are methodical, romantic, imaginative, and emotional but also quiet. They pay a lot of attention to details. They notice other people’s shortcomings and mistakes very quickly and easily. Sometimes they put their trust in the wrong people. They are shy, which is why they often withdraw even when the circumstances do not require it at all. Sometimes difficulties force them to resign, and then they become discouraged. They quickly lose strength and energy. They can develop telepathic and occult abilities. They love music, theater, and especially animals. They are most successful in jobs related to the industry. They are also suitable for professions that constantly bring some change and require a lot of attention and involvement in the selection of details and finesse. This is a vital temperament. The ruling planet is Neptune.

Physical appearance: They are of medium height or slightly shorter, with short limbs. They tend towards corpulence in old age. Plump face, light complexion. They show a tendency towards a double undercut. They have watery but lively eyes, wide and soft mouths, strong and thick hair, dark brown or black. Tiny hands and feet characterize them. Mental abilities: They “grasp” things very quickly, remember verses well and are changeable and subject to different influences. They are susceptible. Passionate, likable, but also merciful towards others. They are sometimes reserved and mysterious in their business ventures. You are shorter than average and prone to gaining weight. You have a round baby face, wavy hair, and a full mouth.


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