Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects

Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects represent the relationship between the way others see you and what you expect from the world around you with vitality and our conscious ego, the self, and its expression. Think of your birth chart as a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. Each type of sign describes where that planet or luminary was when you made your earthly debut. And then there’s your Rising sign, also called you’re Ascendant. Your ascendant determines the way others see you and what you expect from the world around you. You should read both your rising sign in signs and Sun in houses horoscopes in order to get a better picture of what’s ahead for you. It is also very important for your natal chart interpretation.Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects

A Statement that represents the Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects (or Rising Sun) aspects: the first impressions

A planet in conjunction with the Ascendant always takes on powerful proportions in your life. It also influences your personality. A distinction is made between planets in the twelfth house in conjunction with the Ascendant.  Also, a distinction is made between planets in the first house in conjunction with the Ascendant. When the planet is in the first house, that planet feels free to express itself. When a planet is behind the Ascendant in the twelfth house, that planet is just as powerful. But it has problems expressing itself in a direct manner. Below is the Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects interpretation.

Ascendant conjunct Sun

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings: You make a strong personal impression. Other people tend to see you as confident people. This is because you project strength. In other words, you are noticeable and very aware of how you come across to others. Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects people tend to believe that they are in control of their destiny. You do not believe in fate. Also, you prefer to lead rather than follow.  And you are usually most comfortable in situations where you have the freedom to do so. You identify with the image you project. And you usually prefer to be viewed as capable individuals. Children with this aspect may appear to be older than their years. Learning to get along with others in one-to-one relationships will give you a more balanced personality. You will encounter less resistance if you can learn to give in to a higher power. If the energy of the Sun is left uncontrolled, the brightness of the Sun can engulf you. So, you need to learn some humility to reach your full potential. That way, you will improve the lives of your loved ones and many more. The power comes through you, not from you. Sun conjunct the Ascendant has an Aries flavor
  • Positive traits: These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects give the qualities necessary to be the president or the king. Being born at sunrise gets you very noticed. You make a very strong impression on others without even trying. People want to be associated with you.
  • Negative traits: You are fully aware of your importance and of your influence. But, this power can easily go to your head while you are young. You can turn others off with your excessive pride and arrogance. Developing relationship skills will help you know yourself better.

Ascendant opposition Sun

  • Typical features that this opposition brings – You have a big to “find yourself” through other people. This aspect signifies close one to one relationships. Actually, you need a companion to make you feel complete. You are still your own unique person, but you are simply more comfortable when you are with someone else. Most of you, with this aspect, is in partnership with a close personal friend.  The opposition has a Libra flavor. If you have these Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects you truly come alive when one-on-one. This makes you good at negotiations, therapy, and other situations where being able to slip into another’s shoes is advantageous. You enjoy decision-making when it is shared with another person. Also, you are the first to call on a close personal friend or spouse whenever a decision needs to be made. The exchange helps you to find an answer within. So, this comes back to seeing yourself through others’ perspectives. You are not the type of people who go to movies or restaurants alone. In other words, you just feel more powerful and happy with someone. But, you do not give your power away to others. However, you do not readily “own” your power without feedback from others.  The word others mean an individual.
  • Positive trades: These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects do suggest you like being around others and that you are sociable and well-liked. Working in partnership gives you the confidence to fully express your own identity.
  • Negative trades: you have a strong competitive streak which could make you seem provocative or selfish. If relationship problems arise it would be best to communicate your concerns as openly and honestly as possible. Otherwise, you may experience much conflict leading to affairs or separation.

Ascendant square Sun

  • Typical features that this square brings – You do not always “come across” to others as you intend to. Especially in your youth, you can easily offend others with an “attitude”. The impression is one of being overbearing, arrogant, or pushy. This is due to a defense mechanism. In other words, what you want to express is often interpreted the wrong way. In one-to-one relationships, the main problems are that your needs are not compatible with the needs of others. To reach your goals you may have to sacrifice a friendship or learn to put up with stressful conditions. Awareness of this discrepancy is important.  Otherwise, the defense mechanism can worsen over time, and you can have problems at work and in personal relationships. Softening the manner and the attitude does wonders to smooth over relationships of all kinds. With these Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects you will come to realize that you need to be true to yourself and not live as others wish you to live.
  • Positive trades: Your path is not an easy one. You will learn to relate to others and being self-confident. Setting ambitious goals will force you to strengthen your character and live your own life. With professional success will come great satisfaction. You will earn the respect of your peers and healthy relationships will follow.
  • Negative trades:  These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects cause relationship difficulties when people try to hold you back or stand in your way of success. You may change yourself or your goals to fit in and to have companionship. This may keep other people happy, but it will lead to building dissatisfaction and resentment.

Ascendant sextile Sun

  • Typical features that this sextile brings: this harmonious aspect makes you an active, intelligent, and interesting person.  Also, you have a very strong personality. You energize other people with your passionate and enthusiastic self-expression. The authority you project generally doesn’t offend others. That is because sincerity is sensed at the same time. Above all, you have an endless supply of natural talent and resources. This makes you outgoing with a very attractive personality. You experience fulfillment in life through close one to one relationships. Also, you learn about yourself through close relationships, through trials and errors. You are romantic and initially committed. But your hot-blooded nature and need to experience life to the fullest can lead to wild relationships. With these Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects there are promiscuity, affairs, and separations. As a result, you may also suffer abuse and exploitation through partners. Travel, adventure, discovery, and exploration are important to you. That is because those things keep you from becoming bored or restless. You will find great satisfaction by utilizing your hard-won experiences to mentor others. Also, political, social, or environmental activism and charity work are other ways you can have a positive effect on others. This is a great aspect of intimate relationships. That is because of your increased sexual magnetism and physical attractiveness. These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects are good companions for standing up for your rights and defending the rights of loved ones.
  • Positive trades: It is easy and natural for you to be received well by others. There is a distinct air of authority and magnanimity surrounding you.  Most people would describe you as natural, easy to like, and friendly.
  • Negative trades: Unless the Ascendant or Sun are challenged in other aspects in your natal chart, you will have no trouble with this aspect.

Ascendant Trine Sun

  • Typical features that this trine brings: This aspect is a sign of success and happiness in life. It gives you great self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, and authority. Above all, you make a good first impression on other people. That is because you express your true nature with honesty and sincerity. And also you are very personal. Your charm and positive attitude to life make you very attractive, lovable, and popular. You can express yourself very well. Also, you have good communication skills and get your ideas and opinions understood. You may enjoy performing in front of others. And generally, you like being in the spotlight. The combination of confidence and optimism gives you a talent for inspiring others, teaching, and entertaining. These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects also give harmonious and successful partnerships.  It gives harmonious partnerships in both your private and professional life. You possess creative energy, vitality, and good health. Those things allow you to take advantage of many opportunities in life. Competition is healthy for you and you don’t tend to let negativity or criticism bring you down. There is a d interest in performing art, sports, and games.
  • Positive trades: These Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects are an especially favorable aspect to have for those who are in the public eye. It is easy and natural for you to be received well by others. There is a distinct air of authority and magnanimity surrounding you.  Most people would describe you as natural, easy to like, and friendly.
  • Negative trades: This aspect suggests a certain amount of restlessness, particularly in your career. You feel that your talents are not being used to the full.  And you feel like you will always be on the look-out for a new direction that could be more satisfying and fulfilling. 

MINOR Natal Ascendant – Sun aspects

There are no minor aspects that are possible or relevant for natal chart interpretation between Ascendant and Sun.



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