Natal Chiron in The Houses

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Chiron in the birth chart reveals the pain and traumas we encountered in the past, in our early childhood and the early stages of our lives.

Chiron in the first house shows you have deep traumas from your early life. Something limited you, and you retreated into yourself. It would help if you found personal meaning in your existence.

Chiron in the second house indicates that you are never emotionally, materially, or spiritually satisfied. You are stubborn and limited. You don’t like other people’s authority. It would help if you learned self-control.

Chiron in the third house shows that you had communication problems during childhood. And now you have bad relations with your parents and siblings. Your goal should be forgiveness.

Chiron in the fourth house makes you insecure in a family environment. You are sensitive and lack self-confidence. You are accompanied by the feeling that you are not loved enough. You have to face reality.

Chiron in the fifth house indicates that you take life too seriously. In the early stages of life, you were prevented from expressing your creativity. Therefore, you have to relax and act freely.

Chiron in the sixth house shows that you are preoccupied with health problems. Of course, this is due to accidents in his youth. But, on the other hand, you have the power to heal.

Chiron in the seventh house makes you a person who feels rejected. You carry traumas from your childhood because you didn’t have enough parental love. As a result, you need to find balance in partner relationships.

Chiron in the eighth house indicates the loss of a loved one or death and happiness in partner relationships. Therefore, your wishes are significant to you. This is because you have a solid mystical and psychic ability.

Chiron in the ninth house shows your crisis with the spiritual side. Your personal beliefs must be channeled to achieve satisfaction. You need a personal transformation of your sexuality and emotional life.

Chiron shows a strong desire to prove himself in the tenth house due to excellent rejection and childhood. You have an obsessive passion for social status. It is difficult for you to adapt to society.

Chiron in the eleventh house shows you feel uncomfortable in a large company. You are often in situations where your friends reject you because they do not understand you.

Chiron in the twelfth house shows your tension over a family member. You have strong psychic abilities. If you are emotionally intense, you have a great possibility of progress in life.

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